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Tattoos And Workplace Never Goes Hand-In-Hand

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Aug 5th

Tattoos And Workplace Never Goes Hand-In-Hand

If you are planning to get some ink on your skin and works in a strict working environment, then think twice before taking this hard decision. Although tattoos are always considered as a form of self-expression at the same time, many people consider it disdainful. So, make sure your workplace is flexible with your tattoo or not. Tattoos are permanent. Once they enter in your life, you have to care for them like your child.

According to many workplaces, tattoos are indecent and do not fit well in the corporate environment. Whereas, there are many other organizations that are breaking their orthodox shackles and getting liberal towards tattoos.

Tattoos are popular since their birth but still, society’s attitude towards tattoo is constant. It is still considered to be a social stigma. No doubt, society’s attitude towards tattoo has changed a lot in last few decades; still, there are certain workplaces where they are still considered to be a taboo in this modern era.

42% of people still think that visible tattoos are always inappropriate at work. So, if you are tattoo maniac and working in a workplace with stringent tattoo laws, then the choice is yours: Change your job and get your dream tattoo or Drop the plan of getting tattooed.

The article shares few experiences of people who love tattoos but also love their jobs. Let’s see what happened with them:

An Employer’s Take on Tattoos

Fellow employer’s opinion matters a lot in a working place. You may think that tattoos may look bad when visible; however, your companions may not feel the same way. So, it is always good to share, learn and implement.

“When I started at my company there was not an official policy, but I was pretty sure visible tattoos were frowned upon because it was a pretty conservative place. My most visible is one on my forearm, so I wore long sleeves every day.

On casual Fridays, I would wear a long-sleeved T-Shirt under my polo shirt. Even in the summer, when it was ridiculously hot out. One day I either forgot to put that on underneath or decided “fuck it” and went with my arms bare.

My supervisor and a co-worker noticed the tattoo and right away asked, “Is that why you always wear long sleeves?” I replied that was correct and she said, “Oh that’s a relief. We thought maybe you were a heroin addict and were covering up your track marks.” I learned that day they didn’t care about tattoos (for the most part.)

To this day I’m not sure if she was serious, joking, or somewhere in between, but I didn’t have to wear long sleeves in the summer anymore, so that was a plus.”

A Tattoo, Job, and Regret

Philip, an entrepreneur left his job for a tattoo. His story may inspire you to get a tattoo if you are struggling with a thought whether to get a tattoo or not.

“At an age of 23, I got my first job and that too in big MNC, and the day I turned 24, I got married to my dream girl. Life was going on a smooth track with my wife and good job. We went to spend some good time on the weekend and decided to get ourselves tattooed. Next day, we both went for our respective jobs and everything was quite normal until after 1 week my immediate boss called me in his cabin and asked me to get the tattoo covered up or removed if I was interested in continuing the job. When I asked for the reason, he said, a person with tattoo hampers the reputation of our company and can affect the work culture of it. I was shocked for 5 minutes and then I said, I will do the needful and went away.

On one side there was a good job and on the other hand, I had a tattoo, from which I had no problem. We both came to the conclusion that I will be keeping my tattoo and leave my job because it would affect my life working with such narrow-minded people. Next day, I went to the office and handed over my resignation to the boss and he was surprised that I chose a tattoo over a job. My wife too quit her job and today we have opened our own little firm which deals in providing IT Solutions and we have our own rules, where tattoos are definitely not a problem. A mind should be treated before treating a skin with a tattoo.”

If you are a tattoo lover but your workplace is the biggest hurdle between your tattoo and you, then not to worry as there are various tattoo locations that are specially meant for working tattoo lovers. Choose any of them and turn your dream into reality.