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Tell Your Tattooist You Have Used a Numbing Cream. Why?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 3rd

Tell Your Tattooist You Have Used a Numbing Cream. Why?

A tattoo artist will get peace of mind knowing that the client has used a numbing cream. He can operate without being disturbed by the screams and movements due to the pain.

Numbing cream is beneficial for both a customer and a tattoo artist. Whereas it dulls the pain sensation for a customer, it lets the tattoo artist do his work with an ease. It means that a tattoo artist will love to work with the client with the “numb” skin. However, not all artists may like this.

This is because they don’t want their clients to use a numbing cream for many reasons.

Firstly, they think that pain is a ritual in the process and a client should bear it. Secondly, the pain prompts a client to take rest which in turn results in delays. And tattoo artist will charge for such delays. Some tattoo artists also believe that numbing cream will interact with the ink and the needle process.

For these reasons, some tattoo artist may not like that their client enters the studio with a “numb” skin.

But this is not the case with all tattoo artists.

Many tattoo artists recommend numbing cream to their clients. A numbing cream dulls the pain and ensures peace of mind to the customer.

Here we have rounded up the reasons why you should tell your tattoo artist that you have used a numbing cream.

An Interrupted Process of Tattooing:

Tattooing is an art which should be done precisely with full concentration. A bit shake of body or any discomfort may ruin the process. For example, screaming or making movement due to pain won’t let the artist concentrate on his work. If a client has applied a numbing cream to the skin, he can go through the process easily and comfortably. And a tattoo artist can perform without being disturbed.

Easy and Fast Process:

As we have told you that a tattoo artist’s work is disturbed by client’s screaming and movement out of pain. It will be resulted into unnecessary delays. Such delays negatively affect the patience and dedication of you and your artist. Since numbing cream dulls the pain, it helps you avoid such delays.

It Let Them Draw Tattoo on the Most Painful Spots:

Getting a tattoo on the bony parts like head, sternum, elbow, rib-cage, ankle and foot are the most painful place to get a tattoo. The needle strikes at these areas which in turn causes pain. Therefore, you should use a numbing cream over such areas to make your process a breeze. It also gives your tattoo artist a confidence to work over such areas with full concentration.

You Don’t Have to Wait for More:

Numbing cream takes nearly 45 minutes to dull your skin. If your tattoo artist uses a numbing cream, you have to wait for 45 minutes before the process. You can cut that time by using your own numbing cream beforehand. Just apply the cream some 40 minutes before reaching the studio.

So you must have understood why you should tell your tattoo artist that you have applied a numbing cream.