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Tattoo Trends that will Rules in 2018

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 May 29th

Tattoo Trends that will Rules in 2018

The only thing which is permanent in life is change and one should change with changing time. No one exactly knows how tattooing came into existence but people embraced it with charm and smile on a face. Every year we witness new tattoo designs which become old fashioned with coming fresh year.

The tattoo industry is on steep rise and is growing with annual growth rate of 9.2%. With the increase of tattoo artists in the country, there is also an increase in creativity, thereby delivering us with brand new trends in tattoo designs every year.

2018 will witness lot of changes in all sort of technology but it is important for the tattoo lovers to be updated with tattoo trends that 2018 is brings along with.

Following are the few tattoo trends that will be on rise in 2018:

  • Soundwave Tattoos- Your emotions have got a voice

2018 will be the year when art and science will embrace each other and jointly gift you with the most innovative tattoo till now. Tattoos are always close to heart because many feelings are inked in it. Now, your feelings when mixed with ink will also play sound from your tattoo. Confused?

The definition of a tattoo has changed now. A mobile app, your favorite sound and creativity of tattoo artist and yours will give birth to new form of tattoo called as soundwave tattoo.

A mobile application called skin motion is used to generate a soundwave pattern which is based on one minute of audio which can be in any form: music, spoken word, noise or some sound. The generated pattern is then inked on the skin. Then use your Smartphone’s camera moving over your tattoo which will play the desired sound.

So just think of the sound you want to play and plant in your skin permanently.

  • DNA Tattoos- The perfect way to represent your love

Getting yourself inked with the name of your loved ones in 2018 will be pretty old fashioned. With advancement in technology, a new trend will rock the floors of tattoo artists through which you can add DNA of your loved one in your life permanently.

This technology is famous amongst the underground artists with the name of ‘Morbid ink’ and now it is brought into forefront by company named as Everence.

You will provide Everence with DNA in any form: Saliva, skin, hair or blood. DNA sample will be extracted and purified at their end and they will convert it into a powdery form. The powder will be sent back to you in a vial without any chemical impurities. The powder is then mixed with the ink and with help of that ink tattoo design is made on your skin.

  • White Ink Tattoos- The White is leading the race

Traditional tattoos used to be of single color: Black. But trends keep on changing with time. People started to get attracted towards more fancy colors like red, blue and yellow. Now the shift has been moved towards White color.

Besides many drawbacks of white ink tattoos, they will be gaining popularity in 2018. White ink tattoos look subtle on the skin giving appearance of a natural marking. It will be a treat for dark colored skin as the contrast of black and white will look beautiful on the skin. These tattoos age very well on the darker skin.

When comes to design, larger tattoo design will look like scare at first glance, hence smaller design will be preferred. Taking into consideration all the drawbacks of the white ink tattoos, it is hard to say how many tattoo artists will go ahead with its service.

  • Hannya Tattoos- Old is always a gold

History has paved for many tattoo designs and many tattoo artists got influenced from the tattoo designs of history. The history of Japan has gifted people with Hannya Tattoos whose trend will never fade because they are used to represent various emotions of human being. So it will be very common for you to find people with tattoo design of two sharp bull-like horns, metallic eyes and leering teeth.

  • Paw print tattoo for love of your pet

It is understandable that your love for your girlfriend or boyfriend is same as that of love with your pets. But how to express your love with your pet through a tattoo? Paw print tattoos are in trend and you can find variety of paw print tattoo designs that can inspire you to get one.

You can go ahead with any tattoo trend discussed but the thing which is inevitable will be pain. Dr.Numb® will always be in trend to get rid of the pain incurred during the inking process. Dr.Numb® contains 5% of Lidocaine which is highest quantity approved by FDA. It is applied in prior to tattoo process making your skin numb and the journey of inking becomes painless.