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Tattoo Statistics and Stories That Back Them

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Feb 7th

Tattoo Statistics and Stories That Back Them

Tattoos are in trend since thousands of years. The most famous tattoo known so far was found on a mummified body, prominently known as the Iceman or ‘Otzi’. The mummy roughly belongs to 3255 BC; now, that is a long time back. Although, tattoos are still considered to be social stigma to some extent, but people with number of tattoos are increasing with passing days.

There are 30% of Americans with at least one tattoo and the number is increasing.

Tattoo is a permanent asset of life and once inked, it is very difficult to get rid of it. There are many statistics available on the internet regarding tattoo.

This article shares some important statistics with relevant stories to be read before getting a tattoo.

  • One-Third of people with tattoos regret getting one

A study based in United Kingdom reveals that nearly a third of people with tattoos regret getting one. Also, the tattoo regret was three times more likely among the men, if they got their tattoo before reaching the age of 16. Moreover, tattoos inked on upper part of the body were most likely to be regretted. The following story of Jacob perfectly explains the above statistics.

Jacob, a 19 year student says that “I never had friends of my age and my friends always used to be 5-6 years elder to me. Growing with elder friends injected all their habits in me at age of 13 when they were 18. This was the reason that my inclination towards getting a tattoo increased when I was just 14. Neither I waited, nor I chose an appropriate design and decided to get a tattoo as early as possible. The result was that I got my chest inked with an ugly tattoo design from an amateur tattoo artist. The decision was spontaneous and immature which I realized when I went to university. I regret my tattoo and finding some cheaper means to get rid of my tattoo now.”

  • Millennials have a tattoo and parents are OK with it

Tattoos are gaining huge popularity with passing years and each year brings some new, revolutionary and unique designs which become trend. Although tattoos are famous amongst people of all generations but they are highly popular amongst the generation of Millennials and according to statistics, 60% of Millennials have a tattoo and 71% of their parents are okay with it.

William, a father of 16 years old daughter says “Although to some extent, tattoos are considered to be a taboo and stigma in our society, but our family considers tattoo to be an art, a platform through which one can express his or her thoughts. My wife got her recent tattoo at an age of 40 and this motivated our daughter Amy to get her first tattoo. When she discussed about this with me, I was happy about her decision. It was her choice and we helped her to find a unique and beautiful design. We selected a good tattoo artist and booked an appointment with him. We backed her and went with her to the tattoo artist on her 16th birthday where she got her most precious birthday gift: A Tattoo.”

  • Visible tattoos are inappropriate at work

A person with covered tattoo is different than a person having a visible tattoo. A person with visible tattoo is said to negatively impact credibility of an employee. Tattoos are considered to be inappropriate at work and hamper the career growth of an employee. 42% of people feel that visible tattoos are inappropriate at work and for 37% of HR Managers; tattoos are the third most likely physical attribute that limits career potential.

Andrew, a 27 years old Assistant Manager says that “I love my job and I work hard day and night to climb the ladder of success. But as a normal human being, I too have hobbies which I love to pursue in my free time. My bets hobby is to get tattoos on my skin. I already had 16 tattoos on my body ranging from my legs to chest. But all the tattoos were covered. Recently I got a tattoo on my biceps which changed my career life topsy-turvy. My company asked me to get it removed if I wish to rise in their company. Unfortunately, I had to undergo a laser treatment to get rid of this tattoo in order to save my job.”

So, if you are planning to get a tattoo in near future, read all the relevant stats before going ahead with tattooing process. Do a thorough research work, chose an appropriate design and have discussions with tattoo artist in prior of getting a tattoo. Tattoo will become a permanent part of the body so think wisely and go ahead with it.