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Tattoo Removal- How to Relieve Pain

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jan 3rd

Tattoo Removal- How to Relieve Pain

With the steep increase in number of people getting tattoo, there is also a rise in tattoo regret. In 2006, a research conducted on 500 people ageing between 18 and 50 revealed that 25% of them had tattoo regret.

Getting a tattoo does cause pain, and the happiness of getting it is the perfect remedy against that pain. Many reasons pave the way for removing the tattoo from your body. But this time the pain is more. Why? The pain on tattoo removal is of two types: emotional pain and physical pain. Both these combine to hit you hard and your treatment becomes more painful.

This article will be helpful for you to get rid of the physical pain incurred during the tattoo removal treatment.

Follow the below tips to lessen the pain during the tattoo removal treatment:

Ice Pack and put the pain in the sack

To avoid the pain during the treatment show a cold shoulder to the pain. Yes, it’s the same ice pack you use for treating your back, shoulder or ankle. The same can be used to reduce the tattoo removal pain. Blood circulation gets directly affected by the low temperature. Ice numbs the nerve endings and decreases the temperature of your skin, thereby minimising the pain.

The ice packs should be used before and after the treatment and is not used during the treatment. But this easy and cost-effective way is the best treatment to lessen the pain.

Lidocaine Injection for pain rejection

10% of people suffer from a phobia called as Trypanophobia which is fear of needles. If you are lucky enough to step out of this category, then you are the best candidate who can opt for lidocaine injections to get rid of the pain during tattoo removal process.

These injections are magic wands which instantly do the job and act as a local anesthesia. Sometimes for the larger tattoos there can be a need of multiple injections.

Unlike ice packs, these cannot be used on your own. A licensed physician is only qualified to apply it on to your skin.

Numbing cream to avoid painful scream

As mentioned above, there is 10%population in the world who fear from needles. But you need not fear from the pain. Topical numbing creams are there to help you out. These numbing creams are applied on the outermost layer of the skin. These creams are easy to use and can be applied directly keeping the pain at the bay.

Lidocaine is the main ingredient of these numbing creams which comes in various strengths. Please note that numbing cream is to be applied around 30-45 minutes in prior to the treatment because it takes time to numb the skin.

Go ahead with good numbing cream. Shake hands with Dr Numb who are king in their field. Dr.Numb® comes with 5% Lidocaine which is the highest permissible Lidocaine content and is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).It should be applied in correct manner to get the effective result:

  • Wash the area to be numbed thoroughly with soap and water and pat dry.
  • Now wearing surgical gloves, apply a generous layer of numbing cream using a good part of your hand.
  • Now cover the creamed area with a cling wrap or cling film for about 45 minutes to one hour.
  • Do not leave the cream applied for more than an hour.
  • Before applying the stencil, ensure the tattoo artist has wiped the cream off using a damp cloth.

Skin chillers are the perfect pain killers

Skin chillers aka cold-air machines can be assumed as a big ice pack with difference that these are very effective during the treatment also. These are usually available in every tattoo clinic. Their working principle is same as that of ice pack. The principle is termed as cryotherapy (using cold for therapeutic purposes).

Cold air is blown from the hose into the patient’s skin. When the skin receives this cool air, it becomes numb and tattoo removal procedure is preceded effectively without pain.

Use stress ball to avoid pain call

Just note that everything resides in mind at last. Control your mind and pain is over. The study has revealed that using stress ball can reduce the level of pain by huge level. So it is recommended to use squeezy ball as it can offer distraction and the pain vanishes. So take the full advantage of this trick and manage your pain.

If you have never experienced the tattoo removal treatment, it is highly advisable to walk into physician clinic and have a proper discussion with him prior to your appointment. This will help you to get mentally strong. Talk to your doctor openly about the allergies you face. It will help you and doctor both to achieve the fruitful results.