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Tattoo Regrets From The Diary Of Angelina Jolie!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 15th

Tattoo Regrets From The Diary Of Angelina Jolie!

Do you refrain from getting a tattoo in the first place just for a reason that you have met few people with tattoo regret? Well, this is not a big problem. Learn from the life of famous star Angelina Jolie and her wrong tattoo decisions. Also, get to know some ways to get over the tattoo regrets.

In the younger days everyone comes up with a thought to do something rebellious. That something can be anything, might be just going out and getting inked up on some part of your body. It might cool and chic for some time. But later you are left with regrets.

Don't fret over! You are not alone in the tattoo regret department. There are many like you. Ranging from the sport stars to the pop sensations, many celebrities have been facing the similar situations. And it is often said that more number of women regret on their tattoo decisions. For example, the incredible Angelina Jolie, who has got several tattoos and regretted several times for the same. Then she got them covered up. Checkout the pretty lengthy list of the tattoos she has regretted in the past:

  • The vey famous "Billy Bob" tattoo, which she got for her former husband Billy Bob Thornton. It was on her left arm and she has to attend several laser sessions for removing the same.
  • Do you remember the tattoo which Thornton and Jolie shared? Yes, she had it on her right forearm. But now it is covered by the "strength of will" tattoo.
  • Then she inked her with a Chinese character tattoo which signified courage and is now covered up by the Tennessee Williams quote.
  • The beautiful lady has a dragon on her left arm. Now it is faintly seen as she went for laser Procedure.
  • In the same queue comes a Chinese character which is believed to mean death. However, this is now covered with the prayer for eldest son Maddox.
  • Jolie got a dragon in Amsterdam when she was drunk. Now the Latin cross covers it.

Similar to Angelina, there are many people with tattoo regrets. . Sitting down in a corner, looking at it, then they just keep on thinking how stupid the decision was. And wish to go back and change your actions of that day. However, this is never an option.

Well, the only good thing is that now there are many tattoo removal options for you. One of the most popular options is- laser tattoo removal. Commonly, the most popular tool used for this process is a Q-switched laser. It is one of the most advanced and best tools, which leaves you with less scarring.

How a tattoo is removed?

Basically, removing a tattoo is done with the help of laser. The laser action reacts with the ink and breaks it down. When it breaks, the ink is easily absorbed by the body.

Now as all tattoo pigments come at a specific light absorption spectra, hence, the laser must be able to provide the adequate energy. Remember, the more colourful inks, harder it is to remove. Once you are decided with the process to remove your tattoo, you need to know that it can be painful. You must prepare for this!