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Tattoo Numbing Cream that Really Works

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 7th

Tattoo Numbing Cream that Really Works

Tattoos are painful and most of the tattoo artists consider this pain as a ritual. You also see a number of anesthetic products in the market that are used for reducing the pain in tattooing. One renowned name among them is Dr.Numb® which is a high quality topical anesthetic numbing cream that safely numbs the skin for making the tattooing process pain-free.

Just like other numbing creams it contains Lidocaine that blocks pain signals rising through the skin nerve endings from reaching the brain. You will also see some other products having epinephrine, benzocaine or tetracaine as their main ingredients. They are also effective for numbing skin but deciding a tattoo numbing cream that really works mostly depends on these things.


There many kinds of anesthetic creams that are used either for deadening the skin or blocking the pain signals in the tattooing process. You will see numbing creams containing lidocaine, a local anesthetic that covers the skin from outside and makes the longer tattoo session comfortable. These numbing creams are effective for certain parts of the body and will numb the skin for a longer period. According to an advisory by US Food and Drug Administration only 5 percent of lidocaine is allowed in any numbing cream which is perfect for numbing the skin area for long.

You will also come across anesthetic numbing creams with benzocaine or tetracaine as their active components. They serve as blockers, stopping pain signals risings from nerve endings. However, such creams can be mixed with nerve deadeners for best pain-free tattooing experience.

It is crucial to choose the best combination or a single anesthetic cream from various numbing creams. A tattoo artist can tell the best combination suitable for you or a user that have already tried it. In addition, numbing creams that leaves oil on the skin should be avoided for making it easier for the tattoo artist.

Skin type

Selecting the best numbing cream for tattoos also depends on conditions of skin, means whether it is sensitive or tough. A sensitive skin will be numbed for a longer period with normal lidocaine-based creams, while you will need a stronger cream or post-tattooing creams or sprays to numb the hard skin for longer. So always choose a cream that suits your skin type, else it is not going to numb the skin perfectly.


While choosing the best numbing cream, the time it lasts for also matters. Topical numbing creams such as Dr.Numb® contain ideal quantity of lidocaine which smartly reduces pain for tattooing a larger area. As a result always prefer those numbing creams that keep tattooed area numb for a longer period.

From various opinions about the numbing cream, the best conclusions are mentioned above and it is clear that you have to use them according to properties of your skin type and numbing cream. Dr.Numb® has all that are required in a great anesthetic product and you can see a number of people that are widely using it to comfort their tattooing.