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Tattoo Designs Which are Worth a Look

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jan 24th

Tattoo Designs Which are Worth a Look

Thinking of a tattoo and getting a tattoo has lot of difference. Are you thinking of getting a tattoo for a while? Tattoo design is the biggest hindrance in achieving a tattoo. It can be very well understood that getting a tattoo requires thorough research and mental preparation because the tattoo will be part of your body for entire life time.

The number of people with tattoo in USA is increasing with passing time and 30% of people in USA have at least one tattoo. With so many people with tattoo, comes so many different tattoo designs and one gets confused with which to go ahead.

This article is panacea for your confusion and will provide you with list of tattoo designs you can go ahead with in 2018:

  • The Gibu Auja Tattoo- A key to your luck

Was 2017 an unlucky year for you? No worries at all. Gift your skin a Gibu Auja tattoo and bring home the luck. The symbol dates back to fifth century. It is an ancient Rune symbol which is said to bring good fortune along with it.

So cheer up and bring home a new member which will light up your life with happiness and love.

  • The Malin Symbol- Setbacks are platform for moving forward

The Malin symbol took birth in Sweden and has a very good message hidden in it. Have you ever experienced setback in your life? The answer may be yes to some extent. The setback is always a lesson to be learnt and becomes a platform for future gains.The Malin symbol tattoo is representation of setbacks being the natural part of moving forward in life.

  • The Vegvisir Tattoo- Always keeps you on right track

The Vegvisir symbol is a gift to mankind by the soil of Iceland. Do you often feel lost? Do you go for trekking and often lose your way?

The Vegvisir tattoo is then perfect choice for you as it is said that it helps the bearer to find their way through rough weather. It guarantees that you will never lose your way whether in physical place or just in life. The symbol is attested in the Huld Manuscript, collected in Iceland by Geir Vigfusson.

  • Dreamcatcher Tattoos- Ink your dreams

Dreamcatcher symbols are mostly common among Native Americans. It is a handmade willow hoop on which net or web is woven. It is with us from thousands of year and inspires hope for the future in collaboration with thoughts of safety.

The tattoo is said to prevent evil forces from reaching the tattooed person. Worldwide this design is famous and is easily recognized by the people.

  • Angel Wings tattoo- Give your tattoo some wings

Missing someone you have lost or need protection in life? Angel Wings tattoo is for you then.

The meaning of angel wings differs from person to person. They are the symbol of respect for the loved ones whom bearer has lost. For some people, angel wings are the shield against any problem and are always there to guard and protect the bearer. There are many celebrities who inked themselves with Angel Wing tattoo.

  • Feather Tattoos- Fly! Fly! And just Fly!

Do you wish to open up your wings and fly away in sky? You can express your feelings with help of feather tattoos.

Although feather tattoos have many different meaning but in general terms feather tattoos are symbol of freedom. They represent a bird in flight. A feather tattoo can also be a symbol of an angel having deeper meaning for the wearer. Celebrities like Juliet Simms and Rita Ora can be found with Faether Tattoo.

Botanical Tattoos- Unique way of tattooing

A Ukrainian tattoo artist Rita Zolotukhina brought an invention in the field of tattoo industry by dipping the plant or flower directly into the stencil ink instead of hand-drawn stencils. Then, she tattoos along the lines of the plant’s stencil and add colors to create realistic results of the chosen flora. You can ink nature on your skin by going ahead with this way of tattooing.

With all the beautiful designs comes inevitable pain. Be mentally prepared for it and rely on Dr.Numb® to make the inking process painless. Dr.Numb® is a topical anesthetic cream with 5% lidocaine, the highest quantity approved by FDA. It should be applied in prior to the tattooing process. Applying it on the area to be treated will numb the skin to reduce the immediate feeling of pain.

Choose the design wisely after thorough discussion with your tattoo artist.