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All Tattoo Designs Are Not Beautiful

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Feb 11th

All Tattoo Designs Are Not Beautiful

A tattoo is a plant, if watered timely and effectively it will turn into a flower and if proper watering is not done, it will be a cactus you won’t like. Getting a tattoo passes through various stages and one of the important stages is selection of a tattoo design.

Once inked, tattoos become a part of your life for entire lifetime, so it is a big decision and demands thorough research and creativity. There is a thin line difference between copying an idea and modifying an idea. A copied idea usually result in a tattoo that one regret in coming years, but a tattoo which is a result of creativity and hard-work turns out to be an asset.

So choosing a tattoo design is one of an important pillar of tattoo journey, else you will be contributing to 17% of Americans who regret after getting their tattoo.

This article stresses upon some tattoo designs which should be avoided.

  • Follow your favorite celebrity but avoid celebrity tattoo

Everyday a new celebrity comes into existence and maybe one day you become a celebrity. But admiring their talent, work or beauty is pretty sensible but getting the same tattoo as them does make no sense. Some people even get a tattoo with a face of their favorite celebrity, but this following of a celebrity often leads to regret at later stages. It was the story of celebrity that prompted them to get a tattoo of some particular design.

Everyone has their own story, so be creative and original, share your thoughts with your tattoo artist and come up with a tattoo design that people will follow and you will be the celebrity.

  • Tattoos which are white are not right

Traditionally all the tattoos used to be black in color but as time passed, many colors came into forefront but they only beautified the tattoos. White is the color which is in trend but getting a white ink tattoo is not a wise decision.

White is a color which loves to fade faster and sunlight is the biggest enemy of the tattoo made with white ink. All the colors respond differently to sunlight. White is the lightest among all the colors and hence this is the reason why white ink tattoos are on risk to get fader very quickly.

  • Hannya tattoos have complex meaning

Tattoos are into existence since time immemorial and history has gifted us with many tattoo designs. You might have witnessed people with a tattoo design having two sharp bull-like horns, metallic eyes and leering teeth. Most of them carry them on their body without knowing its true meaning. Such tattoos are called as hannya tattoos.

Hannya tattoos have vast history and variety of designs with each design carrying different meaning. It’s difficult to understand whether your feelings matches with the design so it is important to either understand the true meaning of all designs or avoid getting this tattoo design.

  • People leave but name resides forever

You love your girlfriend and she loves you back and that’s perfect. But getting her name inked on your body is not a wise decision. Express your love in creative and unique way. Change is inevitable and only god knows what will happen in future. Many relationships break up even after 15 years, so getting someone’s name inked is not a smart move.

Some people even get their name inked on skin but the question is why? Everyone knows you and above all you know yourself, so why to invest so much time and money on a tattoo with your name.

There are many beautiful designs available in market if you have decided to get a tattoo. Add pinch of creativity in it and cherish your tattoo. Following are some tattoo designs which are worth getting inked and you can read about them in detail:

  • The Gibu Auja Tattoo- A key to your luck
  • The Malin Symbol Tattoo- Setbacks are platform for moving forward
  • The Vegvisir Tattoo- Always keeps you on right track
  • Dreamcatcher Tattoos- Ink your dreams
  • Angel Wings Tattoo- Give your tattoo some wings
  • Feather Tattoos- Fly! Fly! And just Fly!
  • Botanical Tattoos- Unique way of tattooing

Getting a tattoo is one’s dream, do not shatter this dream by choosing a tattoo design you will regret later on. Be smart, be wise and be creative. Give wings to your imaginatin and come out with a design which will remain with you as your favorite body part for your entire life span.

Opinions vary from person to person and maybe the designs neglected in this article be your favorite choice of tattoo. At the end, decision is yours. Live life with a good tattoo on your skin.