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Tattoo Design Tips For People Of All The Ages

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jan 11th

Tattoo Design Tips For People Of All The Ages

Tattoos are one of the best mediums to express your feelings and it is in trend since its birth. Whether it’s an 18 years old teenager or a 60 years old woman, everyone has feelings. Tattoos don’t discriminate someone on the basis of age and give everyone an equal chance for the expression of their feelings.

Gone are the days when tattoos were just limited to illicit gang members. Now tattoos are not only famous amongst the youth but are equally in trend amongst the senior population, thereby breaking all the shackles that resulted in stigma.

So, if you are thinking to ink down your feelings in form of tattoos, this article is the perfect destination for people of all the ages. The article discusses various tattoo designs with respect to the age of a person.

  • Tattoo suggestions for the age group of 18-28

18-28 is the age when a person is full of creativity and at the same time, he is also focused towards his career. So, taking both creativity and career into focus, following are the two unique tattoo designs one can choose from.

1.Botanical Tattoos

An invention in the field of tattoo industry is brought by a Ukrainian tattoo artist Rita Zolotukhina. The uniqueness of this tattoo design lies in a fact that she dips the plant or flower directly into the stencil ink instead of hand-drawn stencils, followed by tattooing along the lines of the plant’s stencil. The colors are added to create realistic results of the chosen flora.

You can ink nature on your skin by going ahead with this form of a tattoo.

2.Feather Tattoos

18-28 is the age when one wish to fly high in the sky of success by opening up their wings of creativity and wisdom. If you think the same way, you can express your feelings with help of feather tattoos.

Although feather tattoos have much different meaning in general terms, feather tattoos are a symbol of freedom. They represent a bird in flight. A feather tattoo can also be a symbol of an angel having a deeper meaning for the wearer.

Celebrities like Rita Ora who is 27 can be found with Feather Tattoo.

Tattoo suggestions for the age group of 29-40

29-40 is the age group when one gets stability in life and to some extent the feelings of a person in this age get permanent. So, it’s quite unlikely to regret the tattoo at this age. 29-40 is also the age when one gets the love of their life for their entire lifetime. So, taking this into consideration following are two unique tattoo ideas one can get to express their love for their lover.

1.Soundwave Tattoo

When love for your lover is permanent in your heart then why not to express it in a unique way? Gift him or her with a tattoo that speaks. Yes, you can add voice to your emotions with a unique collaboration of science and art. Get a unique tattoo design named soundwave tattoo.

A mobile app, your favorite sound, and creativity of tattoo artist and yours will give birth to a new form of tattoo called as soundwave tattoo. A mobile application called skin motion will generate a soundwave pattern of your chosen audio in any form: noise, music or some sound. The generated pattern will be inked on your skin and then by using a Smartphone’s camera your tattoo will play the desired sound.

Nothing can be as creative as soundwave tattoo to express your love in unique and stylish manner.

2.DNA Tattoo

Getting a tattoo with each other names on your skin is too old fashion when we talk about tattoos in the modern era. With advancement in technology, a new trend is gaining huge popularity through which you can add DNA of your loved one in your life permanently.

The technology which was earlier famous amongst the underground artists with the name of ‘morbid ink’ has been given a platform by a company named Everence.

You will provide Everence with DNA in any form: Saliva, skin, hair or blood. DNA sample will be extracted and purified at their end and they will convert it into a powdery form which will be parceled to you in a vial without any chemical impurities. The provided powder is then mixed with the ink and with the same ink, you get a tattoo design of your choice.

  • Tattoo suggestions for the old age people

Statistics reveal that 10% of grandparents have a tattoo on their body, so if you are in your 60s and are thinking to express all your emotions through a single tattoo, then you are thinking in a correct manner. Go ahead with a tattoo and flaunt your skin like your grandchildren.

Although now there is no worry of your boss or your colleagues, still you have to be extra cautious while choosing a location for your tattoo.

The bold and simple tattoo designs are most preferred for senior citizens. As skin gets old, it becomes fragile and becomes a hard job to get the same tattoo as the younger people are getting. Try to choose a design which completes in a single sitting and won’t take multiple sessions to get completed.

Share your emotions with your tattoo artist so that he can help you find an accurate design for you which will speak your words when it will be on your body.

Never hold your feelings and find some medium to express them. Although there are myriad other body modifications present in this modern world to express your feelings, the tattoo is one of the best and explicit ways to express yourself in most creative and unique manner. But before going ahead with getting a tattoo, it is important to understand the ingredients of getting a good tattoo: SHAPE

  • S-Selection of design.
  • H-Healthy diet.
  • A-Aftercare of the tattoo.
  • P-Pain.
  • E-Eagerness of getting a tattoo.

So, be wise and get the best tattoo design that suits your personality