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When Tattoo Artist’s Job Finishes, Yours Start

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 9th

When Tattoo Artist’s Job Finishes, Yours Start

The tattoo is one of the most preferred mediums by the people to communicate the feelings but getting a tattoo is not like buying any other materialistic thing. Gifting yourself a tattoo is not all about choosing a right design, rather a tattoo passes through various phases before the final, fruitful result. Getting a tattoo contains 5 elements: SHAPE

  • S- Selection of design and tattoo artist.
  • H- Healthy diet.
  • A- Aftercare of the tattoo.
  • P- Pain.
  • E- Eagerness of getting a tattoo.

All these five elements work hand-in-hand to get a perfect tattoo. Wearing a tattoo on the skin is not like wearing a cloth, a tattoo is an asset to your body that will live with you for your entire lifetime. So, it is not a two minutes decision to get a tattoo on your skin.

However, many people these days are choosing to get tattooed without much knowledge about the same. This resulted in 22% of Millennials aged 18 to 24 having at least one tattoo. But at the same time, there are myriad numbers of people who regret getting a tattoo. One of the important reasons for regret is improper aftercare of the tattoo.

The experience of Olivia with her first tattoo may become a lesson for others

Raised only by my mother since my birth, I was always a tough and hard nut to crack. Often called as tom-boy by my fellow mates, there were all the properties instilled in me as that of boys. Since my birth, I have seen tough time in my life. My mother worked hard to raise me and fund my education. All these incidents made me tough and hard as I grew up. I always had an urge to express my feelings in a unique and creative manner and when I turned 16, I asked my mother to gift me with a tattoo on my skin. However, she refused and made me understand that if I am interested to get a tattoo, I should wait until an age of 18. I was happy and disappointed at the same time, happy because my mother didn’t refuse me to get a tattoo and disappointed because I wanted to get a tattoo as early as possible.

However, I understood her concern for me and waited until 2 years to get a tattoo. One day before my 18th birthday, my mother came to me and she herself asked me about the tattoo design I wish to ink on my skin. I was so much happy and shared my thinking process on my tattoo design with my mom. My tattoo design reflected our courage to beat the hardships we faced in our entire life. My mother was so happy with my tattoo design that she had tears in her eyes.

Whether it is a small decision or any big decision, I always took my mother’s advice before finalizing. Even in one of the biggest decisions of my life: Tattooing, I took her advice till the stage of selection of tattoo design and I regret on my part on not taking her advice in further tattooing process.

My mother booked an appointment with one of the best tattoo artists in our locality and accompanied me on the day of getting a tattoo. The tattoo artist thoroughly dictated every advice before starting the inking process. He utilized every second of time as he gave me all this advice after applying numbing cream: Dr.Numb® on my skin so that I don’t feel any pain during the tattooing. After 30 minutes, he started the tattoo process and it took him approximately 1.5 hours to gift me with a priceless tattoo on my back.

The tattoo looked beautiful and I was so happy to get it. However, in my excitement, I didn’t give much attention to his aftercare advice and came out of the tattoo salon without any proper knowledge of tattoo aftercare. I tried to care for my tattoo as much as I could but unfortunately, the final result of the tattoo was disappointing for me because of my foolishness.

I got myself inked in the month summer and even my mother advised me to limit my outdoor activities till my tattoo gets healed properly, but I didn’t care much about it and moved out in sun with my tattoo exposed. Not only I exposed my tattoo in sun but also stared my physical fitness classes after a day of getting a tattoo. The result was such that my tattoo didn’t have desired quality and hence I ended up in disappointment.

Thanks to my tattoo artist who was capable enough to cover up my tattoo with his creativity. I can’t say that I have a perfect tattoo on my back but somehow my tattoo artist managed to save my tattoo. But I could have a perfect piece of art on my skin if I would have taken a good care of it.