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What Tattoo Artists Hate to Make?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 20th

What Tattoo Artists Hate to Make?

Do you think tattoo artists can design anything?

Well, you need to think again. Tattoo artists have their own limitations; sometimes they don’t feel comfortable making your desired design. Apart from their limitation with certain tattoo designs, they are pissed off when their clients ask for weird things.

Here we have quoted the concerns of tattoo artists.

Don’t Get Your Ex’s Name Inked If You Are Destined to Be Single

“This guy who came in and got a collar rocker of the name Vanessa across his chest. About midway through I asked if Vanessa was his girlfriend or his mum, to which he replied it was his ex's name and he was getting it inked in an effort to woo her back. If I had known I wouldn't have started, and, suffice to say, when I saw the guy about six months later he was still depressingly single.”

  • Ryan Sean Kelly

Lighter Color Tattoos are Messier to Make

"The lighter the color is, the harder it is to get a smooth fill in because the blood comes through the pigment and makes it very difficult to see how well it is laying into the skin. They dry up too easy with certain brands. They are a little hard to work with and take a little bit more time for me. They tend to be messier, so I go through a lot more paper towels."

  • Dave 'Azma' Knauer

When Infinity Symbols Get on Nerves

“Infinity symbols that have names that are hidden within a feather, then the feather turns into birds, then the birds turn into dandelion seeds. All of that the size of a quarter in white ink on the bottom of your foot and you best make sure it's done like a watercolor tattoo.”

Feeling Uncomfortable to Tattoo the Exact Thing in the Exact Place

“I haven't seen this up here so I'm not sure how popular it is but I've tattooed spongebob square pants showing his butt on three different frat butts (that didn't know each other) and it's starting to get old. That and the avenge sevenfold logo(although this is finally starting to die down) nothing against the band but people seem to either want it on the back of the neck or the chest and it makes me feel uncomfortable to be tattooing the exact thing in the exact place on different people.”

Easier to Quit the Job than Facing Annoying Client

"I have done one tattoo that made me almost want to quit my job. It wasn't even big or anything, but I just wanted to rip my hair out. I think it was more of who was getting the tattoo rather than what it was. I'd have to write a book about it because it would take forever to describe."

  • Nick Busher

What You As a Client Can Learn From These Experiences?

First of all, you should discuss the design with your tattoo artist to see if they are interested in that. You shouldn’t annoy him or her by asking other questions than tattooing.