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Tattoo Artist – The Toughest Jobs in Creative Industry

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 18th

Tattoo Artist – The Toughest Jobs in Creative Industry

The tattoo is one of the most popular mediums by the people to communicate the feelings but getting a tattoo is not like buying any other materialistic thing. People do not understand the fact that tattoos cannot be bought with just money. An excellent tattoo consists of sheer hard-work of tattoo artist and bearer of tattoo.

So, one should be thoroughly clear in mind with the entire process of tattooing prior to going ahead with it. A proper research and a good tattoo artist make sure that you will end up with a healthy and outstanding tattoo.

The article shares few experiences that clearly show the immaturity level of tattoo bearer and lack of their research prior to getting a tattoo.

Tattoo and Alcohol is lethal combination

“Not an artist but this happened about 20 years ago. I remember my friend's sister wanted a tattoo of a scorpion on her pelvic region being that she was a Scorpio. She was immensely afraid of the pain in getting a tattoo so she went a got super drunk before doing so and had her two brothers and I go up with her and a friend. The artist knew this and refused to do the tat because of her condition. She makes a big fuss about it saying she knows what she wants; she isn't drunk blah, blah.

The next day the brothers told her about her actions and how embarrassing it was for all involved and she felt pretty bad about it so she went back, while sober, and apologized and got over her fear and got the scorpion tattoo from them.”

Give tattoo artist all the time to concentrate

Maybe it is not the worst but the most recent odd thing to happen. This kid was having a really rough time and kept moving, and I told him to knock it off and stay still. I think he was on some drugs because he was acting really strange, but to keep still he tensed up and just started chanting "take it, take it, take it, take it" and it was really, really uncomfortable. I was about to tell him he had to cut that out too when he finally decided he had adequately taken it and stopped.

From all the above-mentioned instances, one can make out the list of good tattoo etiquettes. You have to trust your tattoo artist and behave patiently, letting him concentrate on his work. Come sober, do a thorough research before hitting the tattoo salon. Just keep one thing clear in your mind that your tattoo will live with you for entire life, so respect your tattoo even before its birth by properly choosing the best tattoo design and tattoo artist. A good research paves way for healthy tattoo that you will cherish for entire lifetime. Be an inspiration for other people who wish to have a tattoo on their body.

Good luck with your tattoo experience.