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Take Care Of Your Skin With These Waxing Preparation Tips

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Aug 10th

Take Care Of Your Skin With These Waxing Preparation Tips

For those who are looking to wax for the first time, there are a few body waxing tips that you should follow to help make your experience less risky. How your body responds to waxing is completely different to others, however, these tips will reduce the pain and take care of your skin in the future. 

Below given are the before and after waxing tips that you can follow in order to manage the pain and avoid negative after effects. 

Before Waxing Tips

Your hair length should be little longer than normal to enable the wax to bond to the hair for removal. Many ladies think that it’s difficult to give their hair a chance to grow, keeping in mind the end goal to get the correct length to wax, however, it won’t take a long time for your hair to get longer.

Be clean before your waxing treatment. Skin that has natural oils on it or even dirt will be harder to wax. By cleaning up or patting a warm cloth to the area that will be waxed, will enable your skin's pores to open up and make it easier for the hair to be removed.

Using a body or face scrub in the shower will help remove any dead skin cells in the desired area as they may cause more pain when it comes time to waxing the hair.

As it’s a painful procedure, one can manage the painful level. There is a wide range of numbing sprays and creams like, Dr.Numb®, to help with the uneasiness of the waxing procedure. Some may find that taking a Tylenol or acetaminophen somewhere in the range of 30-45 minutes before waxing even helps manage any pain caused.

A few ladies may find that the skin is more delicate around the season of their menstrual cycle. If so, waxing should be planned before or after the menstrual pain.

If acne is an issue, hold up until the skin has healed before hair waxing to avoid further skin infection.

If you pick a bikini wax, ensure it's not a very late choice. Last-minute holidays may be natural and fun, but a last minute bikini wax will make you red and sore for the beach. Bikini waxing should be done no less than 24 hours before you wear a swimming outfit. Try not to expose the waxed area to the sun for 24 hours to avoid darkening.

After Waxing Tips

Avoid wearing tight garments over freshly waxed areas to limit the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs.

Following 24-48 hours, exfoliate the skin with a wipe to keep the dead skin from gathering.

Avoid exercising the very next day to avoid from getting sweat-soaked and having your pores become clogged with dirt and oils.

Don’t try to pop the pimples occurred from waxing as this can spread bacteria on your skin and make more undesirable pimples.