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How to Take Care of Your Belly Button Piercing?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jul 9th

How to Take Care of Your Belly Button Piercing?

Belly button adds to your oomph factor (especially when you rock it with a crop top)! But it is equally true that the piercing is prone to infection and may cause inconvenience. This is why it is extremely important to take care of it.

Wash Your Hands Before Touching the Area:

Piercing is a fresh wound and prone to infection. So, avoid touching that with contaminated hands as the germs and bacteria can pass on to the pierced spot. Always wash your hands with antibacterial soaps before touching the area. Make sure to clean them thoroughly to remove the dirt and oils. You should also keep your nails neat and clean.

Clean a Piercing Daily:

It is important to keep your piercing clean to protect it from infections. Besides, it boosts the healing process. You can use cotton swab and warm water to clean your piercing spot. Use paper towel to pat it dry. Do it twice a day. However, you should avoid using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as it can create burning sensation. Avoid applying ointment as it can cut off the supply of oxygen to the pierced area.

Use Saline Water:

Salt water is an efficient way to take care of your piercing to promote the healing. It also removes the bacteria. Just add ¼ tbsp. of sea salt into 236 ml of boiled water. Let the water cool down and transfer into a small glass. Now, lean over it so that the top rim can be secured by your belly button area. Lay down on your back while holding the glass in that position towards your area. Stay in this position for 10-15 minutes and repeat the process once a day. You can also use sea-salt spray on the spot.

Avoid Removing the Jewelry Very Often:

You should keep the jewelry in place for at least 6 months as it is the healing period. Otherwise, the healing process of the body can close the piercing gauge. And it makes difficult for you to wear that jewelry again.

Wear Loose Clothes:

Avoid wearing tight clothes as their fabrics can stuck into your navel jewellery. They also reduce the oxygen supply to that area. This is why you should wear loose fitting and breathable fabrics like cotton. Take care while wearing or putting off the clothes as they can snuggle into the jewellery, making you hurt. Avoid sleeping on your belly.

By keeping these things in mind, you can avoid infection and other complications. See your physician if there is no improvement.