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Surety Is The First Step To Get A Good Tattoo

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 May 23rd

Surety Is The First Step To Get A Good Tattoo

When it comes to the expression of feelings, some make use of writing to pen down their feelings, other make use of body modifications to express themselves. One of the most famous body arts amongst people to express their views and opinions is no other than tattoos. Tattoos are popular not only amongst youth but also amongst elder generation.

Feelings are one such thing that exists in every human at every age, so feelings pave way for tattoos, hence they are famous amongst every age group. This is the reason that nearly one out of every five adults has at least one tattoo on their skin. In addition, if we talk about the age group of 18 to 29, close to 40% have at least one tattoo on their skin.

Dreaming of getting a tattoo and actually getting a tattoo has got a huge difference. A tattoo is a permanent asset of the body that lives with you forever until you die. So, a tattoo demands thorough research, proper planning and lots of care.

To get a healthy and good tattoo, you should make sure that you have worked hard on following 5 important aspects of tattooing: SHAPE.

  • S– Selection of design and tattoo artist.
  • H– Healthy diet.
  • A– Aftercare of tattoo.
  • P– Pain.
  • E– Eagerness of getting a tattoo.

If any of the above-mentioned elements is missing, you will end up regretting your tattoo. So, if you are planning to get a tattoo and still confused, step back, think twice and get confident with your design and tattoo artist. Remember, tattoos are not just any other commodity. Although there are many ways to get rid of unwanted tattoo these days, definitely it will hurt your pocket and sentiments.

The article shares a journey of Stephen from a regretful to a satisfied tattoo.

The best tattoo of my lifetime demanded time and surety

My new journey started when I passed my high school with good grades and entered my dream university to graduate in literature. My focus was to get deep into literature and study more and more of it. All my hobbies are also related to literature: reading literature books, listening classical music, writing poetry and many more. I thought there is no one like me and I was in love with myself until one day I found a girl in our college reciting a beautiful poem during an event help at our college.

Her poem attracted me towards her. I approached her and we became friends. Our thoughts were quite similar and we loved each other’s company. In no time, our attraction for each other turned into love. We used to study together, eat together, and spend all the time together. It was just 6 months into the relationship when my girlfriend Ana surprised me with a tattoo on her wrist. It was a surprise because the tattoo design was my name. She inked my name on her wrist permanently. This was a big thing and that too in just 6 months. Honestly, I was not yet prepared for it. I was happy and nervous at the same time- happy because she expressed her feelings for me in a very unique but permanent manner and nervous because she will be expecting same from me too.

Time passed and our love got stronger with it. After 2 years of our relationship, I thought it’s the best time for me to express my love for her in form of a tattoo. I searched for various tattoo designs and approached the best tattoo artist of the town. On my discussions with the tattoo artist, I finally decided to ink half of my name and half of her on my arm. I booked my appointment with tattoo artist and 1 week later I reached the tattoo salon.

The tattoo artist started the procedure with application of the numbing cream, Dr.Numb® on my wrist to make the process painless. After 30 minutes of its application, he started the inking process. It took him around 1 hour to complete the entire tattoo. Honestly, tattoo looked excellent.

He offered me some useful tips to be followed strictly to make sure my tattoo is healthy and good. But the immediate thing on my mind was to reach Ana and express my love for her as early as possible.

Ana got flabbergasted after seeing my tattoo. Her happiness was reflected in her eyes and that satisfied me. Today, we both wear beautiful tattoos on our skin which express our love for each other. These tattoos strengthened our love and we are planning to get another tattoo once we get married.

It took me around 2 years to get fully prepared to finalize a big decision to get a tattoo on my skin that too has the name of my girlfriend. So it is always advised to prepare your mind first, make through research and then decide to get a tattoo. You will never regret.