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Something You Need to Know About Intimate Waxing

Posted by Ann.V On 2016 Dec 16th

Something You Need to Know About Intimate Waxing

Clean and clear skin is everyone’s desire. And this is the reason why even for the intimate skin parts, people prefer going hairless. So, before you step into the world of intimate waxing, here is a complete guide to make the way easier for you. Read out.

What’s your reaction when someone says that they just had a bikini wax?

If those several questions start surrounding you, don’t worry! You are not alone, in fact there are many like you who haven’t gone through this procedure, but want to try it. Actually, when it is about intimate waxing, people are confused, horrified, and so on. The reason is simple; it involves hair removal from the pubic region which is highly sensitive.

Whether it is about having a bikini shape or your want complete hair removal, this beginner’s guide has all the answers to your questions. Find out;

What are the different types of shaping?

Basically, there are four basic shapes for intimate waxing:

  • Bikini Wax Shape: This one is the standard bikini wax. It is meant to provide you a basic shaping of pubic hair into a neat upside-down triangle shape.
  • Hollywood Wax Shape: It is the most intense and removes all hair from the front, round to the bottom. Thus, you get a complete hair removal.
  • Extended Bikini Wax Shape: When you opt for an extended bikini wax, you get the sides of the bikini line in deeper than a regular bikini wax. It leaves with you a more defined triangle with narrower edges.
  • Brazilian Wax Shape: If you want a waxing style which takes away all the hair off the bikini line, just leaving a small strip on the front, this one is for you. Yes, hair is removed from the front.

Is intimate waxing painful?

Though pain thresholds are different for each person, yet as it tears you hair out from roots, it is painful. You can use any anesthetic cream for this purpose, like Dr.Numb®. It is one safe and effective. Having 5% lidocaine and essential vitamin E, it works ideally and causes numbing sensation. Thus, the process hurts you no more.

What to expect from the waxing treatment?

It all depends on the professional and salon you choose. Make sure the therapists have intense intimate waxing training and explain you the procedure a little in advance.

As far as reaction is considered, every person’s skin behaves differently. While some may end up with some irritation, itching or redness, others can be distressed a little more.

What is the right age to have intimate waxing?

As such there is no recommendations regarding ages, but generally you need to be eighteen years old. In case of a minor, parental consent can work.

How often you need intimate waxing?

It depends on person to person, however, for 95% of people it works for 4-6 weeks. With regular waxing sessions your hair grows back finer and thinner.

So, next time you plan to wear that hottest lingerie for a beach party, you get the confidence with a proper waxing done. Go for it, go stylish!