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Are There Any Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 May 12th

Are There Any Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is incredibly one of the most significant ways out to get hairless skin. But do you know that it can leave you with some side effects? Yes, find out details here.

Want to wear your favourite swimming costume? But your fear of that hairy bikini line, right?

Waxing and shaving might be helpful in delivering short-time results, but when it is about long term and painless method; laser is there to score high.

Laser hair removal is one such method which allows you to flaunt your beautiful skin without fear of pain. If you still worry for the pain, you can use any topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb®. The presence of 5% lidocaine and essential oils make you undergo the treatment without any pain.

Though laser has turn out to be one of the best hair removal methods, yet there is something you need to be aware of. It is about the side effects caused by this method. Explore some of them here:

Acne Flare-Ups

As a laser beam is focused at your skin, it stimulates your body to produce more sebum. It is the oil which is meant to protect your skin from damage. So, the rise in sebum enhances your risk of pimples forming. Moreover, it adds dead skin and hair cells, leading to acne-flare up.


You already know that lasers are a source of very concentrated light, and any incorrect application of the laser can simply lead to burns. Usually, it will be a first-degree burn, which means there is not much to worry. Though it will be minor sunburn, yet you need to be aware.


Do you know your body makes use of scabs to protect the damaged skin?

Now when you undergo the laser light, it can damage your skin to cause scabs to form. So, there are good chances for the formation of minor scabs.


It happens when the laser light is beamed at your skin, i.e. when it penetrates into the skin and burn away the pigment cells of the hairs. But generally it is very likely to happen when improper application of the laser is done. In such a case, you might end up losing the color of your skin, having those light colored patches.


Do you know what causes more pigment cells? Yes, it is the light!

Hence, when the laser light is shined at your skin, and if your skin doesn’t have sufficient protection against that particular intensity, it will produce pigment cells. In fact, it can go as far as to overproduce it in certain parts of your skin. This might lead to patches of darker skin.


It generally happens to the skin which has been damaged, as it becomes more susceptible to infections. Hence, when an incorrectly applied laser beam is used on your skin, it not only causes damage to your skin, but also makes it easier for bacteria and germs to inhabit the damaged skin.

So, if you are planning to go for this method for getting rid of body hair, do consider these downsides.