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What are the Safe Jewelry Types for Your Piercing

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Aug 5th

What are the Safe Jewelry Types for Your Piercing

With a wrong choice of jewelry for your fresh piercing, you often end up with infection, oozing, puss and redness. Therefore, you should choose the safe piercing jewelry with the help of the tips given here. 

It is obvious to get excited to wear new jewelry after your fresh piercing. However, it is the time when you should be careful while choosing jewelry for your piercing. This is because a metal can react with your fresh piercing, thereby causing infection, puss and redness.

Here we have listed some safe jewelry choices for your fresh piercing to keep such risks at a bay.


Titanium is considered as a safer metal for the body piercing. It is resistant to the body fluids. Even though it is lightweight, it is stronger than stainless steel. In this way, you can enjoy both quality and comfort with titanium piercing. Considering that it is durable, safe and lightweight, you have to pay bit more (which can be justified).

Surgical Stainless Steel:

Surgical stainless steel is safer for fresh piercing and is less expensive than titanium. It is the same metal which is used in making surgical tools. However, you must choose the recommended grades of stainless steel like 316L or 316LVM to make your piercing infection free.

High grade stainless steel is not safe due to the nickels content it contains that can react with your piercing. It is also worth to mention that many countries have banned the use of stainless steel for initial piercing.

All you need to use mid-grade of stainless steel. That’s it.


Gold is women’s favorite jewelry. Surprisingly, it is not a safer choice for fresh piercing or long term wear like titanium. It is comparatively soft metal and can cause allergy and irritation. However, you can wear gold jewelry once your piercing is completely healed.

Which Jewelry You Should Not Use?

Sterling Silver:

Wearing sterling silver can be risky to your fresh piercing as it can damage your piercing once it comes into contact with body fluids, triggering bacterial growth.

Costume or Plastic Metal Jewelry:

Don’t use costume, plastic or plated body jewelry as they are made with poor metal. Using them can irritate and aggravate your piercing. You can end up side effects like redness, infection, swelling and other complications.

So, these are some jewelry types you can wear and some you shouldn’t.