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Do I Require A Numbing Cream For Laser Mole Removal?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 19th

Do I Require A Numbing Cream For Laser Mole Removal?

Mole removal is usually tolerated well with minimal discomfort. But, if you wish to minimize the mild stinging sensation from the laser, you can effectively numb the area with a quality numbing cream before undergoing the procedure.

Laser mole removal is a highly recommended treatment for removing superficial moles that are not embedded deep into the skin. This procedure is known for producing least amount of scarring, although several treatments would be needed to completely get rid of discoloration.

What’s The Procedure Like?

Ablative laser is used to deliver high energy beams on selective pigments within the skin, breaking down the pigments to be absorbed by the body, thus removing the mole.

Most often the medical practitioners prefer using quality numbing creams, such as Dr. Numb® over the affected area before the laser treatment. The numbing creams help minimize the pain or the mild tingling sensation on the skin of the patients’ during the procedure.

How Can I Prepare For The Procedure?

Although, no special preparation is required, but for best results it is important you select a quality numbing cream for the procedure.

Highly recommended by doctors, the bestnumbing cream for people planning to undertake laser mole removal is - Dr. Numb ®. This over the counter cream is carefully formulated with the strongest and safest amount if Lidocaine as is allowed by FDA.

Dr. Numb ® is the only water based numbing cream available in the market that does not interfere with the elasticity of the skin, offering a comfortable and scream-free laser mole removal treatment.

Use of sunscreens with high SPF is also encouraged after the treatment. It is advisable that you avoid swimming, strenuous exercising and sweating till the time scabs are visible.