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Reddit Users Consider Dermarolling Painful(How Numbing Cream Helps You)

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 May 2nd

Reddit Users Consider Dermarolling Painful(How Numbing Cream Helps You)

Also known as PCI, micro needling and facial resurfacing, dermarolling is one of the popular beauty techniques to improve skin appearance. In dermarolling, tiny punctures are created on the skin using a handheld device known as dermaroller that is studded with tiny needles. The tiny punctures prompt collagen production in the skin as the body starts repairing the skin by increasing the blood flow to that area. It is mostly done at home and is beneficial for scars, blemishes, wrinkles and other beauty concerns. Dermarolling is an efficient and affordable way to treat your skin, especially if you can’t afford expensive treatment like lasers.

But Dermarolling is Painful

The benefits of dermarolling come with a trade-off. Dermarolling is painful as it is done with the needles. While the pain with basic needle sizes is mild and tolerable, pain occurring with large needle size can hurt you terribly.

These People Talk about “Dermarolling Pain” Over Reddit:

Pain is an Obvious Part of Dermarolling

“I have a .5 I used on my face. I kept reading that the .5 hardly hurt, but I really did think it was painful. It wasn't unbearable but my eyes would water when I did it on my forehead. I guess my pain tolerance is lower than I thought. I started to dread rolling days so I stopped. I decided to use it around my whole thighs where I have 5-year-old stretch marks bc I didn't want the roller to go to waste. I've definitely noticed a difference in the texture of my legs. It makes them feel kinda raw so I do it before bed and by the time I wake up they're back to normal.”

Depends Upon Your Pain Threshold

“It hurts, but it's not horrible. It depends on your pain threshold. It's really hard to quantify the pain with a number because different people experience different levels of pain.

It's NOT like if you're holding a fire to your skin. It's also not as bad as that initial waxing feel. It's less than both of those but more painful than if you're pouring cold water on your skin.

My right eye sometimes tends to shed a tear.

Once you start using it, after you've rolled a few times, you'll start feeling it less (that same rolling session).

I will say - whatever the pain is, it is temporary. The results from it last a while (they cleared my wrinkles, fixed my skin completely), and that in itself is totally worth it.”

Sometime Dermarolling Doesn’t Bring Expected Results

“Okay, I think my response may be different. I have pretty sensitive skin. I rolled once a month to ensure the "28-day skin renewal" had taken place. The first 2 times I was very gentle and hardly put pressure on my skin with the roller. After watching an Asian beauty video of someone rolling and pretty much crying in pain, I decided I needed to do it a little harder. Well, I did. My face felt really sunburnt/sensitive and was still red the day after. I broke out the next week which I'm convinced is from the aggressive "exfoliating" of the roller. I have not seen any improvement in fine lines or tone if my skin. I am now apprehensive to do it again.”

Large Needle Means More Trauma

“Different needle lengths for different purposes, 0.2mm and 0.5mm for regular use/ product penetration. Be careful what ingredients you are encouraging penetration of, do you really want preservatives and fragrances under your skin?

1mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm for occasional hardcore micro needling sessions, these will enter the epidermis or dermis. Longer is more painful on the face but is often used for body scars/ stretch marks, many use topical numbing creams for 1.5mm and 2mm. The nasolabial area is particularly painful, expect blood and watering eyes, I sneeze too which is a PITA for maintaining hygiene.

You must never roll over active acne, you will spread the infection. Nor should you roll over chronic inflammation/ irritation, you are trying to harness the positive effects of acute inflammation and the wound healing process.

I highly recommend the OwnDoc website for information, quality products, and customer service. This store is well thought of on other skincare forums too. I have a 1mm regular width roller and a 1.5mm narrow roller which I was using alongside either aloe vera gel or the Skin Essential Actives KinNiaNAG serum. There is a YouTube channel where a guy needled his acne scars weekly for months and kept showing his progress.”

Use Numbing Cream to Eliminate Pain from Dermarolling!

So you must have read about the pain level in dermarolling.

Don’t worry! Numbing cream like Dr.Numb® is here to eliminate pain from your dermarolling sessions. Numbing cream, also known as a local anesthetic, dulls your pain receptors that send a pain signal to the brain. You don’t feel anything done on your skin. In this way, you remain comfortable throughout the process.

Shop Dr.Numb® Numbing Cream Now for Your Dermarolling!

If you are looking for a right numbing cream, look no further than Dr.Numb®. Dr.Numb® is the trusted numbing cream for critical skin processes and body arts. It contains 5% lidocaine that can keep your skin numb for up to two hours. It is safe for all skin types and is recommended by tattoo artists and dermatologist.

How to Use Numbing Cream for Dermarolling?

  • Wash your skin with warm water and soap
  • Pat dry with a clean and soft towel
  • Use the first layer of numbing cream liberally over the skin. Spread it evenly
  • Then, use the second layer of the cream on the top of the first one
  • Cover the skin with a plastic wrap.
  • Wear the cream for one hour (longer than that can trigger side-effects).
  • Wipe the numbing cream off with a damp cloth to prevent the cream from interacting with the process.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to disinfect the area.

Your skin is ready for a painless dermarolling process.

How to Use Numbing Cream for Face before Dermarolling?

  • Use cleanser
  • Pat dry your face
  • Use a small amount of numbing cream over your face
  • Wipe the excess cream

Consult Your Doctor Before Using Numbing Cream If You Are

  • Allergic or sensitive to lidocaine
  • Breast Feeding, Pregnant or Planning a Child
  • Patient or Have Medical Condition
  • Taking Supplement

(NOTE: The users’ comments mentioned here have been sourced from Reddit)