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Read out this if you want to become a tattoo artist

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jun 6th

Read out this if you want to become a tattoo artist

Are you planning to become a real tattoo artist?

Want to learn how to tattoo perfectly?

While for some it is a life-long dream, for others it's a newer fascination which comes with their own first tattoo. Regardless of the fact from where the spark for wanting to learn tattooing arrived, what matters is that you should be aware of the essential steps to reach your goal.

Hence, if you are a person who wants to make career in tattooing, must follow the below listed tips:

Stick To Your Passion and Trust Your Ability

In the way to become a tattoo artist, there are two major factors that going to determine your success:

  • Passion
  • Ability

In case, you lack any of them, you are unlikely to succeed. That's not to say that you might not be able to figure out how to tattoo or even find a job. But sooner or later, you will start feeling monotonous and tattooing will no more appeal you. Hence, if you're just looking for a paycheck, choose some other easier ways to go about earning. Else you would be making other people at risk of getting a bad piece, and even severe infections.

As for as the ability is concerned, it could be improved with more practice; however, you would need to invest some time. A tattoo artist needs to have some natural talent, which can be later shaped with help of art classes and continuous practice, to take it to the next level.

Look For An Apprenticeship

Actually, when you work in a tattoo shop, you will have both the initiative and the drive necessary to really learn how tattooing is done. You can simply start getting some tattoo jobs working at a local shop. Or the better idea would be to try for an apprenticeship. There are many tattoo artists who offer their apprentices freedom to practice doing simple tattoos. Gradually, you will learn the minute details and will be able to carry out great work very soon.

Be a Keen Observer

If you wish to learn how to tattoo, first start observing things carefully. It is therefore very common for the artists to go ahead and get one or more tattoos on their body. So, you can choose to get inked at a place you can watch the entire process from beginning to end. Thus, during this session you will be able to take mental notes of what your tattoo artist is doing. Notice the following thing:

  • How does he hold the machine?
  • What they do to make it painless?
  • Does he apply the inks in a particular order?
  • How he safeguard clients from illnesses and accidents?

You can also ask the tattoo artist to explain the process as you go along. Feel free to ask thoughtful questions and carefully listed to the answers.

Here it is worth noticing that different tattoo artists have different methods. Perhaps you might need to get inked by a couple of different artists.

Lastly, you can be a good artist only when you understand the need, desire and pain of your customers. With your skills and passion you will able to fulfill their requirements. What about pain?

Tattooing is painful, and to overcome this hurdle you need to keep a topical numbing cream handy. For this you can trust on Dr.Numb®. Being water based solution it doesn’t interfere with tattoo’s quality. As it have 5% lidocaine, it will easily block the pain signals and make process easy for both, you and your customer.