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READ: Skin Care Guide For Cuts and Scrapes

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 7th

READ: Skin Care Guide For Cuts and Scrapes

The best way to deal with a problematic skin in skin care is to take good care of your skin. One of the most common problems, that are cuts and scrapes, can be dealt with in the following ways:

Cuts and scrapes happen to everybody, normally to the small kids. For the most part, you don't need to take somebody to the hospital to deal with a rub from stumbling over tree root, but it's still very important to deal with the problem to avoid from scarring and disease.

The most ideal approach to manage a hazardous skin in healthy skin is to take great care of your skin. The most well-known issues, that are cuts and scrapes, can be managed in the following ways:

Stop the Bleeding

You can follow a few easy steps in such manner for taking satisfactory healthy skin. Above all else, you have to ensure that the injured individual is calm own.

Apply a pressure directly on the injury with the help of a towel or clean fabric. If both the things are not there, make use of your fingers.

If the blood is coming out through the towel or fabric, you are required to include some extra weight. Once the bleeding stops, you can remove the weight and that should be within 5 to 10 minutes of the massage.

Clean the Wound

The injury should be cleaned thoroughly as cleaning removes the existence of a foreign body, decreases risk of secondary infections and lowers down any risk of getting potential scars.

Here are a few methods you can follow for cleaning your injury:

  • Wash the scar with fresh water; running water from the tap can be used
  • Apply weight if the area bleeds again
  • Clean the injured area with the sterile bandage
  • Dust, dirt or pebbles or foreign substance can be removed with the help of tweezers, if needed
  • Do not use cotton wool in excess
  • A ton of medical aid kids comprises of disinfectant or clean wipes for cleaning the injury

Consider an antibacterial solution

This kind of medication can be powerful with regards to treating cuts and scrapes. If you simply need to go to the medical store and avoid from seeing your specialist, then you should search for solutions like 'Polysporin' or 'Neosporin. The former ointment is selected as it has less chances to cause you hypersensitivity, as compared to the latter one.

One can even apply a topical numbing cream like Dr.Numb® to kill the pain or swelling, if it is there, to ease the area. This will also help the injury to heal quickly without any irritation.

Then, you should cover your injury

One can cover his/her injury by applying butterfly strips or bandages. This is an important step as it removes the chances of infection. It likewise influences the cut to heal quickly other than reducing the capability of scarring issues in future. But, you should just close your injury only after cleaning it appropriately.

When to look for Medical Help?

A healthy skin guide for scrapes and cuts recommend that if you are not ready to get rid of a wide range of foreign objects, you should look for medical help for cleaning the scar completely.

Choose When to Look for Medical Help

In some cases when the bleeding holds on, healthy skin suggests that you may need medical help for ending the bleeding as well as medical consideration must be quickly looked for if the bleeding does not stop within 10 minutes, or if spurting or splendid red blood is recognized.

Home Remedies for Cuts and Scrapes

Home cures for healthy skin are promptly successful in managing scrapes and cuts, as the vast majority of them can be managed at home itself.

Normally, scrapes are spread over extensive areas, in spite of the fact that they are by nature superficial. While you are treating a rub or wound, ensure that any inserted soil or coarseness isn't allowed to remain on within.

You can take care your small wounds on your own at home. Clean it thoroughly as mentioned above to remove the bacteria from the wound and ensure that the bleeding is stopped and that the injury is wrapped in a bandage or dressing.

Remember! Medical help on time is an important part of healthy skin and hence, a proper care should be done to treat the injury appropriately.

Below are the few natural remedies that turned out to be the best treatment for cuts and scrapes. Take a look;

Say Hello To Aloe

Aloe Vera is a great emergency treatment for cuts and scrapes. It’s a kind of cool, colorless gel that closes the injury, lessens the pain, and heal the wound quickly. All you need is to break the leave from mid, and apply the gel onto your cut or rub. Apply it regularly and see the change.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil turns out to be a great cleanser, but on the other hand, it's an awesome way to heal a cut rapidly and effectively. Studies have revealed that tea tree oil has the antibacterial qualities required in wound care. Tea tree oil is even tried on patients who had infected cuts or scrapes, and researches have shown that it very quickly heals the wound by making it disinfected.

Applying tea tree oil or tea tree cream like Derma E Tea Tree or E Antiseptic Cream specifically to your cut twice daily will cut down the skin irritation.

Peppermint Oil and Cinnamon

Peppermint and cinnamon make a great bacteria busting team. When they bundled antimicrobial compounds from peppermint and cinnamon into small capsules and applied the treatment to volunteer's cuts, the combination slaughtered four different types of bacteria, including one anti-toxin safe strain. It worked so well, analysts prescribe it for infected cuts that still haven't mended following a month.


Not only lavender keeps infections under control, but it also makes you get rid of pain. Lavender essential oil for healing wounds from labor—especially the cut made between a lady's vaginal opening to the anus. While using this oil, women will feel no pain and the cut heals quickly. Lavender oil in olive oil or a neutral lotion before using it to treat a cut, since lavender can at some point irritate the skin.

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