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How to prepare for a Micro needling Procedure?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jul 9th

How to prepare for a Micro needling Procedure?

Nowadays everyone seems to go crazy for youthful and flawless skin. But with the growing age, it becomes difficult to maintain the skin quality. In such as situation, all you need is a treatment which stimulates your skin’s natural healing capability. And micro needling is surely one of them.

Is it Micro needling safe?

Of course, the skin treatment is safe and can benefit all skin types including dark skin and lighter tones. As compared to other popular methods like laser treatment, it is cost-effective and safer option.

But as you are going to get it done for the first time, it is essential for you to be well prepared for the process and its consequences. Here is a three-step procedure to help you get ready for micro needling;

#Step 1: Check for your skin’s condition

Before you start looking for a micro needling expert in the town, ensure that your skin is ready to get it done. This means that there should be no active breakouts, active bacterial, fungal, open lesions, or viral skin infections. In case, you have undergone some treatment like isotretinoin, make sure you don’t get it done before six months. Else, isotretinoin can interfere with healing, leading to risk of scarring.

#Step 2: Learn about the procedure

You need to know how micro needling device works during the procedure, how it stimulates collagen production, and what to expect from the treatment. For this you first need to find out a good and reputed patient in your nearby location. Make sure he is certified and experience enough to handle your skin with care. You can check for them online or ask your friends and family.

To start with the treatment, your professional will first cleanse your face to ensure the skin is entirely free of makeup or any makeup residue. Majorly, the second step includes application of a topical anesthetic cream. If you artists doesn’t provide with this facility, make sure you carry your own numbing cream like Dr.Numb®. It will help you feel comfortable and pain-free during the procedure. Actually, this numbing cream contains lidocaine which blocks pain signals and eliminate pain easily.

After this, the device is rolled over the to-be- treated area with gentle pressure. The needles puncture your skin and causes skin pores to open. It might lead to minor bleeding, but that’s normal. Sometime, a hydrating skin lotion can be applied to avoid any friction against the skin during the procedure.

#Step 3: The post-procedure care

Just after the procedure, an antioxidant serum has to be applied to prevent inflammation. Te skin might appear to be reddish or inflamed for few days more. However, re-application of the serum can help cure skin ideally.

You must avoid use of any products that clog the tiny channels and have to avoid sun exposure and sweaty exercise for at least 72 hours. While these may increase the blood flow to the skin surface, unfavorable conditions can also cause irritation to the treated area.

Happy Mirco Needling!