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Pre-Surgery Strategies: Things to Do for Faster Recovery after Operation

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jun 21st

Pre-Surgery Strategies: Things to Do for Faster Recovery after Operation

Most people don’t take surgery easy as it is stressful, bleeding, painful and life disturbing. But with some tactics, you can mitigate these things associated with surgery.

So, you are scheduled for a surgery. Whether its big or minor surgeries, nobody wants to go under the knife. Apart from pain, there are several things that may worry you, for example recovery and healing of the wounds. Besides, you are fearful to face the surgery. But with right diet, exercise and mental preparation, you can have good recovery rate after surgery while minimizing the stress.

Do Daily Exercises:

This is your first step to keep yourself physically prepared for the surgeries. Several exercises like jogging, running, cycling, deep breathing and swimming are good for your lung function, which is helpful to expand the tiny sacs in your lungs which otherwise collapse after anesthesia. On the other hand, workout keeps your muscles, bones and joints in flexible condition, preventing the muscle loss and joint stiffness post-surgery.

Take Care of Diet:

Taking nutritional diet before surgery is good for the body healing after surgery. A physician may analyze your nutritional status by checking the level of protein in your blood test. A patient with medical conditions like diabetes should be extra careful towards his diet. Recovering from surgeries drains more nutrients from our body. If you are well nourished, chances are your body can handle surgery better and can achieve faster healing and recovery after that.

  • Drink more water to stay hydrated
  • Take anti-oxidant rich foods
  • Eat probiotic foods like yogurt
  • Add proteins to your diet

(Note: Please consult your doctor for better guidance on diet before surgery)

Quit Smoking:

You must stop smoking as this precaution can directly affect your healing. Nicotine in cigarettes makes blood vessels compress, which in turn decreases the blood supply to the cells of the wounded area. Besides, there are many toxins in smoke that are not good for your recovery.

Mental Preparation is Must:

Besides being physically prepared, you need the same approach on emotional level. Hearing myths or irrational things about surgeries can make your depressed and fearful about surgeries. Most of the people can’t take easy to be hospitalized or go through the simple procedures. As a result, a person is prone to the headaches or high blood pressure that is under the stress to face the surgery. Stress hormones also affect the body’s ability to bear pain and infection and the immune system.

You must stay calm by thinking positives of the surgery, for example surgery will get rid of your problem. Asking your doctor about surgeries procedures and effects will make you feel better about it. You can also ask for numbing cream if your surgery is minor like wart removal or incision.

So, these are the things you must consider before undergoing to surgery for better healing. So, use these tips and have a better healing after the surgery!!