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Popular Tattoo Art Styles: More Than a Design!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jun 14th

Popular Tattoo Art Styles: More Than a Design!

When it is about body art, tattoos are the most popular choice. Now that people are running gaga over the different ways to expose their skin with tattoo designs, it becomes bit difficult to choose the best style. Find out some popular options here.

Popular Tattoo Art Styles: More Than a Design!

It is no more a new thing to get a glimpse of some office worker or an entrepreneur heading into the boardroom sporting an amazing tattoo on his neck, arm or hands. This is simply a testimony that tattoos are getting more and more acceptable. Whether it is a corporate environment or the sports field, people are too much in love with this style of body art.

Being a well-known thing today, they have changes a way more than little than in the past. Do you know that more than 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo? They are highly popular now and people, regardless of age, gender, race, etc., who would have never put the ink, are also running to their local tattoo artist. While men are getting wicked looking tribal designs, women seem to go crazy for stars, flowers, etc. So, what is your favorite tattoo style? Certainly, there are numerous designs, and choose among them is not an easy job. Let's examine some of the most well known tattoo styles to make your search for an ideal tattoo easy.

Celtic Tattoos: By far these have been one of the most popular designs. Whether it is about those complex crosses or the knot-work, these are amazing. The early Celts were displayed on metal, jewelry, and weapons. But now these designs, which are often taken from Irish manuscripts, become a trendy choice. Especially, the Celtic knots, which are usually intricate loops with no end or beginning and symbolize the never ending cycle of death and rebirth, are loved by fashion savvy people. Another design is the Zoomorphic and even these are usually fairly similar. While the difference is that the lines end in the feet, heads, and tails.

Chinese Tattoos: Do you love those dragons and Kanji symbols? Well, these fall into the category of Chinese tattoos and highly popular in several social groups. And this is the reason why even big celebrities to the common people love them. Basically, these Chinese characters tend to please aesthetically and meaning behind them can be endless. These are often identified as the symbol of strength and power. Moreover these are said to contribute to the change in their lives.

As far as Kanji tattoos are considered, these are oriental inspired tattoos. However, many Kanji tattoos are regretted for the mis-translation of their meaning. So, be little careful with them.

Japanese Tattoos: Just like the Chinese dragons, even Japanese tattoos are gaining greater popularity these days. One of the most common tattoos is of the Koi fish. The reason being they usually help represent rebirth and change. Other common ones are Phoenix, tigers, and many others.

Star Tattoos: It is the simplest thing which is never out of trend. But yes, their forms keep on changing from time to time. Like nowadays getting a plain star tattoo style on stomach is something in trend. Also, a cluster of star on your foot or near your ankle is something worth trying. Women have loved them and they often like to have them on their wrist.
While these were few popular styles, it is also important to note than these changes with time. So, when you are booking an appointment with your artist, make sure you do a thorough research beforehand.