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Piercing and Pain -The Three Most Painful Types You Must Know!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 9th

Piercing and Pain -The Three Most Painful Types You Must Know!

Are you planning for piercing? Well, it completely depends upon you, what kind of piercing you want to go for. But one thing is sure, it causes pain. However, some of them are causes less pain, others are more painful. Find out the three most painful types here.

Humans have always been concerned about their appearance. And what more common is that they love changes. Therefore, world of fashion is never constant. It has been changing over the period of time. Yes, they need changes in what they wear, adorn and so on. As far as fashion is known, it is not constrained to clothes or jewelry. In fact, it is applied equally to body art, including tattoos, body piercing and much more.

Though there are many methods of adorning the body, but piercings have been popular since ages. Having the origin from tribal allegiances and religious practices, it is now the demand of youngsters in the modern age.

What is piercing?

Basically, it refers to the art of puncturing the body. It is done with a needle generally. Earlier, getting a piercing meant getting the ear lobes pierced. Thus, the most popular sites for body piercing were the ears and nose. But nowadays, people are getting crazy over them. Whether it is about tongue, nipples, navel, eyebrows, labia or penis, this body art is getting higher in demand.

Is it painful?

As stated, your skin is punctured using a needle, it will be painful. Now, how much- it will depend on the area to be pierced and your threshold. Although piercing is usually carried out these days using anesthesia in the parlors, yet it causes pain and some problems later on.

Among all the types, here are the 3 most painful piercings ever;

The Genital Piercing:

Definitely, you can understand the reason to keep it first position here. Seriously, it does not need any explanations. It is already known that genitals are the most sensitive part of any person's anatomy. Hence, for both males as well as females, if you are thinking of getting your genitals pierced, you need to prepare yourself for the pain.

Not to forget, besides the initial pain, there are high chances of getting an infection. Being the most painful piercing of all, it will take a longer time to heal.

The Nipple Piercing:

Both men and women have been found in love with nipple piercing. It has been considered to add a wow fact to their appearance. But, here you cannot deny the fact that it is extremely painful and horrifying. The reason is quite simple, this area of the human body carries a lot of nerves and the presence of more nerves in this particular area makes it more sensitive.

Additionally, it is not the pain only which will make you consider your decision to go for nipple piercing twice. Do you know that the time of getting the nipple pierced and the discomfort experienced later is greater? Yes, on account of this, those people who fear of pain, can switch to other options.

The Lip Piercing:

A number of people who have undergone this process have felt that getting the lip pierced is extremely painful. However, the amount of pain experienced depends upon exactly ‘where’ the piercing was done. It can be on the lip, i.e. side, Monroe, bottom, and so on. In all, it is said that the initial sting, when the needle hits the flesh, is something unbearable.

And just like any other type, a few hours later the pierced lip feels normal. If taken proper care of, it does not bleed. But the healing can take bit longer. It needs around 6-8 weeks to heal. i

Remember, the pain threshold varies from individual to individual. And, now when you are aware of the most painful piercings, you can take a decision which one to choose. If you can bear the pain, these extremely popular types are great options. In any case, you feel it is difficult for you to handle the pain, there are many safer alternatives. Go for them!