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Unexpected Ways To Relieve Piercing Pain Among Children

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Feb 23rd

Unexpected Ways To Relieve Piercing Pain Among Children

Without a doubt, ear piercing is the most common type of piercing done all across the world. It is common among children too. For the parents who are planning to take their child for piercing very soon, here is something useful. Explore.

Nowadays body piercing seems to be highly popular among both, men and women. It is not a new form of body art and has been a common practice for thousands of years in many cultures. While it helps in making a personal and unique fashion statement, piercings are also known to have historical significance. In fact, in some parts of the world parents take their children for piercing in very younger age. Among all types, ear piercing is the one which is more prevalent and common.

In case, you are also taking your child for ear piercing, here is something useful. Read on.

Type of Jewelry for New Piercings

Remember, the children’s skin is highly sensitive and it has to be treated very carefully. Hence, parents need to be very particular while choosing the type of jewelry. Generally, it is recommended to pick the one which is nickel-free. You can go for 18K or 14K gold studs for them. It is advised to avoid any earrings that are silver or gold plated in ears with fresh piercings. As these metals are known to cause infections and allergic reactions; keep your kids away from them.

Types of Ear Piercings

Yes, the modern world of piercing offers several ways of piercing. Parents can choose the one which they feel would be suitable and easy to care for. The more traditional lobe piercing is the best choice, but the other types of ear piercing styles include, tragus and anti-tragus, helix, rook, industrial, daith, conch, and snug.

Healing Time

It is important to know about the healing duration. If you are planning for ear lobe piercing, then you can relax a little as the healing process is fairly short. It would generally take 6 to 8 weeks for a complete recovery. However, in just 2-3 weeks, the child will start feeling the healing symptoms easily.

Tips for Safe Ear Piercing

Below are listed some general suggestions and tips which would make your ear piercing a safer and healthier event.

  • When getting a piercing done, make sure that that the person performing practices a good hygiene, for example, he should be wearing unused, latex gloves.
  • Ensure that the equipment being used is clean and properly sterilized beforehand.
  • Also check for sanitary reasons, whether they use disposable needles or not for piercing. Reason being, non-disposable needles can be unsafe and cause possible bacteria.

While it is important to keep the pierced site clean, it is essential to make the process painless for your children. It is easy to do with the help of Dr.Numb®. Being a topical anesthetic it consist of 5% lidocaine which when applied to the skin causes a numbing sensation. Hence, it works by blocking the pain signals. Moreover, it consists of natural oils, so you hardly need to worry about its safety. It is a FDA certified product which can be purchased over the counter.