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How to Pierce Your Ear Safely at Home?

Posted by Ann.V On 2016 Jun 23rd

How to Pierce Your Ear Safely at Home?

Thinking about piercing your ear at home? If yes, keep these steps in the mind to minimize the risk while ensuring the accuracy and safety.

In spite of having so many piercing studios around, most people consider doing it at the comfort of their home. Doing piercing at home is easy with experts hand; however, you can’t overlook the risks associated with it.

A wrong piercing can damage your tissues and makes you prone to the infections, redness and swelling. Why take a chance? To keep these unpleasant things at a bay, you need to keep these safety tips at mind while piercing your ear.

Are you Mentally Prepared?

If you’re excited and confident enough to do the task, you are welcome. Otherwise, it’s better you seek pro services for that. Relax yourself and take the piercing process easy.

Bring all the Tools at One Place:

At a time, the things become messy when you looking desperately for cotton swab after just pierced your ear. You can’t afford that last minute hassle. So, keep these things at one place

  • Surgical Piercing Needle
  • Surgical Gloves
  • Skin Marker
  • Eye Ring or Stud
  • Cotton Swaps
  • Alcohol
  • Disinfectant
  • Antibacterial Soap
  • Numb Numbing Ointment

Use Numbing Lotion Before Piercing:

Use Dr. Numb® numbing cream 45 minutes before your piercing. It numbs the skin area so that you can’t feel much pain while needle penetration. Before using numbing gel, wash your ear with soap and water and keep it dry.

Keep Your Hands Clean:

Use antibacterial soap to wash your hand and apply hand rub later. You can also use surgical gloves. This is essential because the germs can pass on to tools and your piercing area with contaminated hands.

Rub Alcohol on Your Ear’s Part:

Apply isopropyl alcohol to clean your ear to wipe off the bacteria. It will ensure the safety of your piercing.

Mark Your Piercing Area:

For an accurate piercing, it makes sense to mark your area. It helps you pierce the right area and avoid the movement little up or down as well. Mark the desired area with bold dot while looking in the mirror.

Insert the Piercing Needle Through Your Ear:

Rest your ear area on something sturdy like wooden cork to support the needle movement. Take a deep breath and put the needle smoothly through your ear. Clean the blood with cotton swab. Don’t remove the jewelry before six weeks of piercing to make it fit into the piercing hole.