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Palm Tattoos: Get To Know More In Detail

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 7th

Palm Tattoos: Get To Know More In Detail

Palm tattoos are becoming a prime choice for tattoo lovers. In case, you plan for something very soon, make sure you are aware of these points. Read more.

The word tattoo and trend goes hand-in-hand with. Have a look the graph below.

People get tattoos on different body parts, including arms, neck, back, face, and even palms.

But if you ever ask an artist for a hand tattoo, there are pretty good chances they look at you with that sceptical face. The major reason behind this fact is that the area gets a lot of damage, and is hard to heal. And the case gets worse with palm tattoos.

While the skin on your palms is thicker, it is entirely different as compared to other body parts. In fact, many artists won’t recommend tattooing this place. However, the fact is getting your palm tattooed is pretty unique idea. It seems to be classy and gorgeous. Both men and women love to have them.

Want to have one? Just read out some essential points to make a wise decision.

Palm tattoos are painful, but can be simplified!

Yes, a tattoo on the palm is going to cause greater pain. It hurts because your palm is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Hence, when a tattoo needle is used on your skin it will pain. Do you know your palm is roughly four times more sensitive than your shoulder or calf?

So yes, it will hurt. But you also need to know that there are solutions like Dr.Numb® which can ease out this concern. Actually, it is a topical anesthetic cream which comes with 5% liodcaine. It is a FDA compliant product which can be used for all skin types. When you apply this numbing cream over your skin surface and leave it for 45 minutes, it generates a numbing sensation. This lasts somewhere around 3 to 4 hours. Its application desensitizes your skin and makes it numb. It means that if pain for tattoo is something which stops you from getting inked, you have your answer here.

Fading is possible!

While the nature of the skin on the palm features faster re-growth than the other parts of your body, the ink in your tattoo is likely to fade quickly. Yes, experts believe that it tend to fade quicker than other tattoos. You can work on some touch up sessions thereafter to keep your palm tattoo looking fresh.

As stated palm tattoos are highly likely to fade. But there are steps to keep them nice and bold.

  • Don’t leave your palm susceptible to sun damage.
  • Ensure you get your tattoos covered before going for a long sun exposure.
  • Keep it moisturized and clean.
  • Go bold with your style; bolder the tattoo the longer the ink hold.

Keep it clean and beware of infection!

Just like few other tattoo types this too carries risks. While there are chances of infection, in few cases scarring and allergic reaction can also be found. The good thing is that these risks are fairly minimal. But still you cannot overlook the sensitivity of the palm. It is the same thing which increases the chance of negative consequences.

Take your artist's opinion!

There are quite good chances that a few tattoo artists refuse to tattoo the palm of your hand. As these cannot be covered and are little complex an artist might suggest you some other locations. But if you want to go for this one specifically, you must look for an expert who can assist you with this choice.

Palm tattoos are just like any other tattoo. It takes some thought, patience, creativity, and efforts. They look beautiful and inspirational. Go for them!