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Painless Tattoo: Tips to reduce the pain to minimum!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Feb 10th

Painless Tattoo: Tips to reduce the pain to minimum!

Tattoos are one of the most famous forms of body art. People are going crazy for them and getting inked in different ways. But there are few who fear for the pain caused by the needle to get a tattoo job done. Is there any way to make it go pain free? Let’s find out.

Tips to reduce the pain to minimum :

Want to express your love for your partner or just want to be a stud in the public? Tattoos can help you. Yes, this popular body art technique is used for different purposes.

“Getting inked was one of my dreams since I entered my college. Last month when I asked my dad about the same, he permitted and now I have my arm inked with his name. It makes me feel great and at the same makes him proud”

“It was our first anniversary. For complete one week I was wondering what to gift her on the special day. With no good options left, I went to a parlor shop and asked whether I could get a tattoo done for her. Though it was highly painful for me, but it worked and was sufficient to impress my lady love.”

“It was the most beautiful moment of our life when we were blessed with a baby girl. To make it memorable I got the date tattooed and now whenever I look at it, the moment is relived.”

So, the reason might vary but, it is understood how people adore this body art. While everything is fine with tattoos, except the fact that it causes pain! Yes, it does cause pain, but now there are chances that you can escape from this factor. How? Read on some essential tips which prove to be highly useful when you go for tattoo.

  • Before you leave for the parlor, have a good and tummy filling meal. Try to have it at least an hour before you begin with your tattoo design.
  • Consume plenty of water before and during the tattoo session to avoid dehydration.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes, so that sitting for a long time isn’t an uncomfortable task for you.
  • Say no to drinking alcohol the night before your tattoo. The reason being it thins the blood and thus, hampers the body's natural ability to seal a wound.
  • Besides alcohol, it is important to avoid drinking more than one coffee, since it also thins the blood.
  • Before you get a tattoo, take a deep sleep. It is recommended to have a full night's sleep the night before.
  • You can consider taking some mild pain killers, but avoid aspirin or any other drugs, which can thin your blood.
  • Pay attention to your tattoo artist advice regarding aftercare and other tips.
  • Whenever you are planning to go, have a shower and wash the area to be tattooed before you go. Avoid using the perfume or deodorant.
  • You must consider your tattoo as a minor medical procedure. Though, it is easy to get on your body, but it really needs great care afterwards.

Just remember, once you are done with tattoo, it is important to have an effective aftercare routine. Don’t overlook the need of aftercare and spoil your tattoo design!