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Is Painless Bikini Waxing Possible With Dr. Numb

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jun 13th

Is Painless Bikini Waxing Possible With Dr. Numb

To get rid of those unwanted hair, waxing appears to be the biggest solution. But it is painful, right? Especially, when you need to remove hair from the most sensitive skin areas, things can turn more difficult. Luckily, Dr.Numb® is there to help. Find out how. 

Finally, summers are here!

So, are you planning for a beach party? Want to flaunt your beautiful skin?

That’s pretty cool! But, what about the bikini hair? Is your skin ready? Of course, you cannot step out without having your bikini line cleaned. In such as case, you need to look for options like Brazilian waxing which offers a ton of advantages. While it enhances the existence of a woman's body, it clears all the hair from the pubic area. This means, you can now unhesitatingly wear appealing swimming outfits at the beach. No more you need to worry over hair looking over the bikini line. Isn’t that what you have been looking for?

But wait, there is a catch! Waxing is painful.

Is bikini wax painful?

Yes, bikini waxing is a pain causing process. As the hairs are pulled out forcefully, it can leave you in terrible pain. Especially, if you have a lower threshold, things can turn worse.

What? Worried for the pain caused during the process?

Is there a solution to bikini wax pain?

Luckily, the answer to this question is YES. You can switch to Dr.Numb® and it will wipe out the pain caused during the waxing process. Actually, it is all about the ingredients of Dr.Numb® which make it efficient in handling Brazilian wax treatments.

It is a topical anesthetic cream which consists of 5% lidocaine. While it alleviates the pain during any kind of cosmetic treatment done, it is safe on skin too.

How long does Dr.Numb® effect lasts?

When you count on Dr.Numb®, you need to know that it is specially formulated to numb the skin. Hence, it offers effect which can last up to 2-3 hours or more. The results can fluctuate as per the skin's affectability reaction. But yes, it is sufficient to allow you have a bikini wax done without pain.

How to use numbing creams?

Generally, numbing creams are applied at least for 40-60 minutes prior to hair removal. So, before you step out for your appointment, just apply it to the area to be managed. Make sure you do it carefully to avoid any bothering reactions.

Once you have applied it, after a couple of minutes, you will experience a shuddering sensation. As per expert’s recommendation, quick effortless bikini waxing can be done after 45 minutes or an hour of application of the cream.

So, now you have an easy way to hairless, isn’t it?