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What Order To Follow To Apply Skin Care Products?

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 13th

What Order To Follow To Apply Skin Care Products?

There are chances that you are using top-notch quality skin care items but nothing works well. This can be due to the wrong order being followed for a long time. Find out in detail the right order to care for your skin.

Have been applying some of the best skin care products?

Not able to achieve the desired results?

Firstly, don’t fret over! It is not only you who is dealing with such a situation, there are many others too. Actually, in most of the cases, it is due to the wrong order of application which leads to either ‘no results’ or ‘slower results’.

Does it really matter when and in what order to apply your skin care products?

Yes, it matters! To understand why you can compare it to the process and order in which we eat food. Have you ever felt the need to worry about the order in which you eat? Anything you eat goes through the same digestive tract. Everything gets absorbed in a similar manner, regardless of that fact which food got eaten first. But it makes a huge difference, isn’t it?

In the same way, applying skin care products in a proper order ensures that the skin receives the full benefits of each product. For instance, when you apply a cream-based product prior to a serum, the cream’s emolliency will prevent the serum from reaching the skin. Hence, it will be no more effective.

What is the right order to apply skin care product?

It can be really difficult to decide on which product goes on top of what. For this, the easiest rule of thumb to follow is - apply products with the thinnest consistency to thickest. The other way out can be applying from liquid to oil.

You can follow these steps for flawless skin;


First thing comes first; so start by removing dirt and oil buildup. This can be done using a facial cleanser. You can also go for double cleansing. Basically, this involves use of a cleansing oil first and then washing your face with your regular cleanser. It is necessary when you want to remove the makeup nicely. While the first step helps you take off your makeup completely, the second step is to use a face wash to remove excess of sebum, dirt, and makeup. Hence, now you will be left with fresh and clean skin.

Wondering why to use cleansing oil? It is simple science- oil attracts oil. This means oil will be more effective at removing oil and dirt.


Usually, people choose to skip toners. And the reason they give for it is that most toners are harsh. Fortunately, it is not the case anymore. Of course, they are not meant to physically shrink your skin pores, but yes these toners can serve multiple-purpose, such as acting as a delivery system for vitamin B derivatives, antioxidants, and even toning acids.


This is mandatory if you are dealing with acne and scars. As per expert’s recommendation, spot treatments should be applied as close to the skin as possible for maximum benefits. Using a spot treatment, it becomes easy to dry up excess oil and kill bacteria. You must allow it to rest on your skin for at least five minutes before layering on your next product. Alternatively, you can opt for spot-treatment patches too.


When it comes to serums there is a wide range of available ingredients. Hence, your selection process will depend on your specific needs. For instance, one of the most common ingredients is vitamin C. It performs a variety of functions such as stimulating new collagen, protecting the skin from environmental pollutants, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and so on. Hence, it regular application will help to reduce visible discolorations on the skin, offering enhanced protection against UV exposure.

Remember, serums are nutrient-dense and super-concentrated treatments. Thus, these are perfect to address specific concerns.


Experts believe that it is highly essential to apply an eye cream at least every night. It is really important if you want to maintain the health and thickness of the eyelid skin. Moreover, it will also enhance the skin’s quality in this area. Thus, your skin will not lose its laxity and smooth appearance later.


Your skin needs an element which is responsible for repairing, restoring and regenerating. It is therefore advised not to miss on night creams. Being thicker and heavier, these are designed to be absorbed over the course of several hours.

However, if you have oily skin you can use a moisturizer. Regardless of the factor that your body has its own natural lubricating system, having a protective coating against harsh outside conditions and infections is vital. For that extra hydration and protection against harsh chemicals, keep it moisturized.

Aside from the order of application, you must also pay attention to the time it takes for your skin to absorb your products. It won’t be wrong stating that order is important, but timing is crucial too. So, after using a product, don’t forget to give it some time to get absorbed and work.

And if you want to enhance the efficiency of your products, you can consider some treatments like dermarolling. Yes, using a dermaroller over your skin will boost collagen production and increase the absorption capacity. Hence, whatever you use will offer more amazing results.

Lastly, dermarollers can cause a little discomfort. But don’t panic! You can make it painless using a good topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb®. It comes with 5% lidocaine and can be used for all skin types. This means no pain, only gains!