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Effective Numbing Ways To Make Piercing Painless

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jun 2nd

Effective Numbing Ways To Make Piercing Painless

Piercing is in the trend. Well, you might be aware of this fact. But it is equally true that piercing causes pain. And it can be unbearable for some. Hence, it is must for you to know about different numbing ways before you go for body modification.

Are you crazy for navel piercing? Or you love septum piercing? Or just want to go for ear piercing?

Whatever your choice is, you are here because you are planning to get pierced very soon. Right? That’s a cool idea for those who prefer having a fashion savvy appearance. But it is important to consider that when a person chooses to get pierced, there is some pain related to the procedure. How much? Now this will depend on your threshold.

In case, you cannot bear the pain, then your end goal will be to fight piercing pain. And this can be achieved by making your skin numb to pain before and after undergoing the procedure.

How to numb skin before piercing?

Numbing your skin can be done through different means. But you need to look for an option which works safely and efficiently. The best idea would be going with a topical anesthetic like Dr.Numb® which consist of 5% lidocaine. It is basically a FDA approved product which works miraculously on pain. When applied to the skin, it blocks the pain signals at the nerve ending for up to three to four hours. Hence, you can easily get any type of piercing done in that period.

In fact, after having it done, i.e. during the healing period, you can apply it whenever you feel that the pain is getting intolerable. Plus, it consists of essential oils which enhance the healing process and moisture your skin ideally.

Besides, Dr.Numb®, there are some more options to give a try. Have a look:

Use Ice

When it comes to skin numbing, it is a standout amongst the most widely recognized techniques all over the globe. But, it isn't always a part of expert piercing salons. Reason being, it will take more time and leave you with can be wet skin.

Still, if you are using it, try icing for a small area. Just wrap ice in a towel and rub the ice in small circular motions on the desired area. For a bigger area, you would require a few ice cubes in a ziplock bag. You have to hold the bag on the area and continue rubbing for 15 to 20 minutes. It will numb the area for a shorter period. Hence, you cannot rely on it completely.

Rub Alcohol

Do you know liquor is a solution which can be used to numb an area before piercing? Actually, it numbs, cleans, and purifies the skin, which is needed before piercing. Thus, rubbing liquor is a good option for the parts which are less sensitive, for example, the ears.

The catch is that it won't numb the skin much, but it provides enough numbing for short piercing procedure.

Oral Medicines

Yes, over-the-counter painkillers can help. Many people prefer taking medicines, such as, Advil and0 Tylenol, before getting pierced. To be honest, these medicines will help somewhat numb the skin. But they won’t be able to keep the hurting pain away caused during the piercing process.

So, now you don’t need to bear any pain. Just be safe, and you can always ask your artist for what will suit you the best.