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Do Numbing Creams Also Help in Allaying the Discomfort Due to Injected Medication?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Apr 30th

Do Numbing Creams Also Help in Allaying the Discomfort Due to Injected Medication?

Numbing creams are topical anesthetics. They work superficially and do not interfere with the medication or a skin procedure in any manner. Read on to know if they can help allay the discomfort due to the medicine injected?

Are your kids scheduled to get vaccinated anytime soon? Even if your kids are the adventurous kind and do not really mind getting a shot or two in a year, they’d still be frightened at the thought of having a needle pierce through their skin.

Many doctors and medical practitioners recommend the use of numbing creams such as Dr. Numb ® to help allay the pain caused by needle piercing. But, it should be remembered that numbing creams cannot do everything in the book to allay the discomfort.

What a Numbing Cream Can Do

Good quality numbing creams can effectively numb the target area; these creams have ingredients that serve as topical (local) anesthetics. The pain experienced as a result of a needle piercing through the outer layers of the skin is significantly reduced. Most children do not report extreme discomfort (which otherwise is the usual case) at the time of getting shots if a numbing cream is used.

What a Numbing Cream Cannot Do

Some discomfort is also caused by the medicine injected. Since a numbing cream will only work superficially and never interfere directly with the medication or the medical procedure (which is good, actually), it won’t help when it comes to the discomfort caused by the medication.

What Matters

Finally, the pain caused by the medication penetrating through the veins cannot be avoided. In most cases, children do not even feel it. It’s the pain caused by needles that they are most afraid of.