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Does Numbing Cream Work For Periungual WART REMOVAL?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 25th

Does Numbing Cream Work For Periungual WART REMOVAL?

Laser treatments and surgical procedures work best to remove the Periungual warts. But, if the pain associated with these procedures is stopping you from getting a timely treatment, then using quality numbing creams is the best choice for you.

Periungual warts usually appear around the nails, which is common in nail bitters. Initially, these appear as pinheaded, smooth, shiny and usually discrete. But eventually, they grow to become pea-sized, rough, dry and horny and soon become fissured, tender and inflamed.

Diagnosing Warts

Dermatologists can diagnose whether you havePeriungual warts by looking at them. In rare cases, you dermatologist may perform skin biopsy for wart confirmation. Here, the dermatologist will remove a part of the wart and investigate it under the microscope.

Treatments for Periungual Warts

You can opt for various treatments to get rid of Periungual warts. While some may prove super effective others may not be as good as they sound.

  • Electro surgery: Usage of electric current to get rid of warts.
  • Cutterage: Warts will be cut off using a sharp knife.
  • Laser Treatment: Strong laser beams will be directed at the warts for removal.

All the three surgical procedures will result in complete removal of Periungual warts in 2 – 3 visits to the dermatologist. And although, these processes are simple, but they can be extremely painful.

Most often, dermatologists prefer using effective skin numbing creams, such as Dr. Numb ®, before the procedures, to help minimize the pain of their patients associated with the treatments.

Dr. Numb® – The Best Skin Numbing Cream for Periungual Wart Removal

There are numerous skin numbing creams available in the market, but the results delivered by Dr. Numb ® stand second to none.

Containing the highest and safest amount of Lidocaine (5%) as approved by FDA, Dr. Numb ® works by effectively numbing the area such that you don’t feel the pain of the treatment throughout the procedure and even after that. You should use Dr. Numb®:

  • For rapid absorption and fast action
  • For pain-less Periungual wart treatment
  • For reduced recovery period.