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Numbing Cream and Threading: A Pain Free Way for Beautiful Eyebrows!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Mar 2nd

Numbing Cream and Threading: A Pain Free Way for Beautiful Eyebrows!

It is believed that threading is 6,000 years old cosmetic technique to accentuate the eyebrows. So, it means eye brow threading has been practised since ancient times. Women love it because of its accuracy and safety. There is no use of chemicals in threading, making it safe option for the sensitive skin being irritated by waxing and tweezing.

Since eyebrow threading involves hair plucking, it is quite painful, especially if you are first timer. Obviously, you may look for the solution to get the eyebrow threading done with less or no pain. You can count on numbing cream for that purpose. Numbing cream like Dr.Numb® is widely used for the tattooing, piercing and minor surgeries to have a pain free session.

Numbing cream contains powerful anesthetics like lidocaine which dull the nerve ending so that the pain signal can’t be sent to the brain. Let’s see how you can use numbing cream for eyebrow threading.

Why Numbing Cream is So Effective for Threading?

Numbing cream, as the name says, numbs your skin area so that the nerve ending can’t send pain signal to the brain. This is why most people use numbing cream before their tattooing, piercing and minor surgeries session.

Is Numbing Cream Safe for Eyebrow Threading?

It is obvious to think about safety as eyebrows are the sensitive areas. But several numbing creams like Dr.Numb® are safer, however, that also depends on the way you use. You must be extra careful while applying numbing cream on your eyebrow. Make sure to protect your eyes while applying numbing cream—you can cover your eyes to avoid the dropping of cream’s portion into your eyes.

Use it one hour before your eyebrow plucking session. After the estimated time, you will experience numbness over the area which make you confident enough to face the eyebrow threading without fear.

How to Choose Numbing Cream for Threading?

There are many numbing cream brands to choose from, but it makes sense to get the right one. Choose the numbing cream containing Lidocaine in 5%. You can choose Dr.Numb® which has the same percentage ((5%) of numbing cream

How to Use Numbing Cream for Threading?

  • Clean your eyebrow with soap and water. Pat it dry.
  • Apply a good amount of Dr.Numb® numbing cream carefully while protecting your eyes.
  • Cut out the small size of plastic wrap and cover the eyebrow part with that. It will generate a heat to activate numbing effect.
  • Remove the wrap after 40-45 minutes and wipe off the numbing cream.

You are ready for pain free eyebrow threading session!

(Note: If you have skin sensitivity, please consult your physician before applying numbing cream)