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Numbing Cream Takes the Pain Out of These Cosmetic Treatments

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Aug 25th

Numbing Cream Takes the Pain Out of These Cosmetic Treatments

Some cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal, microblading, and botox are painful. Luckily, we have a numbing cream to eliminate the pain from such processes.

From laser hair removal, microblading to permanent makeup, there are many cosmetic treatments that are made to address various beauty concerns.

But it can’t be denied that most of these treatments are painful due to the use of needles and intense laser rays. Or you can say that pain is a part of such processes. And it is equally true that you can avoid pain and discomfort with a numbing cream.

Numbing cream is a topical anesthetic that desensitizes your skin by dulling your pain receptors.

So buy a numbing cream now and eliminate the pain and discomfort in the following cosmetic processes.

Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal is an effective way to remove unwanted hairs from the skin. It damages the hair follicles to delay the growth of the hair on treated area for some years. However, laser treatments are painful.

In the treatment, intense laser beams are emitted to the skin to break the hair follicles which is painful. Many people compared the pain with the scratching of cat or snapping of rubber band against the skin.

This is why a laser practitioner recommends you a topical anesthetic like numbing cream to minimize the sensation. A numbing cream dulls your nerve endings so that you can’t feel pain.


Ageing signs like wrinkles, forehead lines and crow’s feet are inevitable. Luckily, we have a treatment like Botox to erase such signs, especially if the cosmetics or skin care products don’t work. Today, Botox is a $2,455,000,000 industry in the USA while 6 million Botox treatments are done each year.

Botox is actually a neurotoxin drug termed as Botulinumb toxin A which is injected into the particular muscles. The injections prevent the nerve signals which in turn control the weakness of the muscles. Consequently, the muscles remain no longer stiff or contracted as they achieve softness and relaxations. With Botox, you can see the results within a week.

Sadly, Botox are painful due to the giant needles filled with Botox. Don’t worry! You can use numbing cream to undergo Botox shots without being terrorized by fear of pain.


Dermarolling is also known as PCI, facial resurfacing, and microneedling. It is a simple and affordable cosmetic technique to improve the facial appearance. As an added bonus, it can be done at home using with a simple handheld roller.

In dermarolling, a handheld roller studded with tiny needles is rolled over the skin. These tiny punctures boost the collagen products as the body starts repairing the skin by boosting the blood flow to that area. It is done at both home and parlor depending on the length of the needle you use. Well, it sounds both exciting and painful. There is variety of needles length used in dermarolling. If you use a needle size more than 1 mm, you are likely to experience bleeding and pain.

Needless to say using numbing cream makes sense in this scenario. Just apply the cream one hour prior to the process.

Laser Skin Resurfacing:

Laser skin resurfacing is a popular cosmetic process to treat blotches, scars, wrinkles or lines caused by aging, over sun exposure and acne. In the process, a practitioner removes dead skin or skin imperfection by using intense beam of light. It just removes the dead skin. After that, your skin enters healing mode. And you end up with tighter, younger and healthier skin due to the new skin cell formation. But the gain comes with the pain. Laser skin resurfacing does hurt, given that it peels off the entire skin and affect dermal nerve fibers. The pain is so severe that it is “ranked third behind cosmetic outcome and communication in order of importance”.

That’s why you may be given anesthesia to reduce pain occurring during the process. However, anesthesia can be given to you in injected form which is like “getting double punishment.”

If you don’t want to get your skin numbed in this painful way, numbing cream is a right option for you. Numbing cream works by dulling your pain receptors that take pain signal to the brain. If they are dull, you don’t feel anything happening to your skin.

In case of full-face laser resurfacing, numbing cream are generally combined with other painkilling methods like oral analgesics to maximize the numbing effect. One study claims that such method can reduce the need for invasive method by 95%.

Permanent Makeup:

Permanent makeup, as the name suggests, is a micro pigmentation technique to draw the facial features like eyebrows and lip lines when they faded due to some medical conditions or as you age. In this process, a professional embeds ink into your skin, just like in tattooing.

However, permanent makeup is painful as it is done with needles. Even worse, it can leave you with soreness and swelling for some time. Just apply the cream one hour before the process. With a numbed skin, you won’t feel the sensation throughout the process.


Microblading is a popular cosmetic technique to draw on eyebrow using pigment. A practitioner uses a handheld pen to create the strokes that mimic eyebrows. In this way, it is a boon for those who have little to no eyebrows due to ageing or medical condition. It is also known as cosmetic tattooing due to the process similarity to the tattooing. The eyebrow strokes last up to 3 years.

But microblading is painful and discomforting as it is done with the device studded with the needles to embed the ink into the skin. You will feel like as if your skin is being scratched. Luckily, numbing cream is your remedy to make microblading painful. However, use the cream carefully over eyebrow as it can drop into your eyes. It is better if you get it done from others.

Numbing cream eases the pain and sensation caused by all the process listed above.Make sure to read the guidelines given on the pack before using the cream.