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Can I Use A Numbing Cream, If I Am Pregnant?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 16th

Can I Use A Numbing Cream, If I Am Pregnant?

Certain medicines should not be taken during pregnancy. Numerous other medicines, however, can be used safely in pregnancy, provided the benefits to the mother outweigh the risks to the unborn baby. But, it is advisable you first consult your doctor in case you’re planning to use the numbing creams during pregnancy.

Vaccinations during pregnancy not only play an important role in protecting your health but safeguard your baby’s health too. And although immunizations are important, dealing with painful shots is a problem for every woman who has to get regular booster shots before, during and after the pregnancy. But is it advisable to use numbing creams to avoid the pain of shots during pregnancy?

Lidocaine – Is It Safe For Pregnant Women?

Lidocaine is the active ingredient that is most commonly found in skin numbing creams. Various Pregnancy Category B. Reproduction studies with lidocaine have been performed in rats to reveal the effects of the cream on pregnant women.

The tests have revealed no evidence of any type of harm to the fetus or impaired fertility. There are, however, no sufficient, well-controlled studies on pregnant women. As animal reproduction studies are not always predictive of human response, therefore numbing creams containing Lidocaine should only be used during pregnancy if they are clearly needed.

Numbing Cream Precautions during Pregnancy

In case, it is very important for you to use numbing cream during pregnancy, then make sure you only use the cream containing FDA approved concentration of Lidocaine (5%).

Dr. Numb® is one such highly recommended skin numbing cream containing purest and safest quantities of Lidocaine as its active ingredient.

Make sure you do not apply the numbing cream onto the wounds or cuts, or other places from where it can enter into the blood stream. Also, seek medical advice from your doctor before using skin numbing creams during pregnancy.