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How Numbing Cream is Helpful in Minor Skin Irritations

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 9th

How Numbing Cream is Helpful in Minor Skin Irritations

Numbing cream such as Dr.Numb® is a local anesthetic that contains lidocaine and is mainly used for lessening pain in tattooing and laser hair removal. When you apply such creams on any part of your body, it blocks the nerve endings and lessens the pain.

Numbing Cream is Helpful in Minor Skin Irritations :

Numbing creams containing topical lidocaine are also used for comforting the pain rising from skin irritations such as insect bites, sun burn, scratches and burns. While using such ointments everyone should keep in mind that it’s over absorption in the skin can cause fatal side effects, so apply medicine quantity as directed on the label. Moreover, it is not recommended to bandage or cover the area you have applied numbing cream to. For best results the skin area should be kept open.

Although, the most powerful skin numbing creams can be purchased only by prescription but there are also certain topical anesthetics like Dr.Numb® that can be purchased from a local pharmacy over the counter. Always consult your doctor before using any topical numbing cream. Using numbing creams can help in controlling skin irritations within a short period of time, but one needs to follow instructions properly.

Normally, if dry skin and itchiness is left untreated for a longer period, it can develop serious pain. People try numbing creams for controlling such situations after getting frustrated with common remedies. There are a number of creams available in the market, but choosing the most effective cream depends on numbing capacity, ingredients, their intensity and other affecting properties.

For skin irritations and inflammations numbing creams containing oil and other greasy materials should be avoided. If you have such skin problems and you are looking for an effective treatment, then Dr.Numb® is the right choice. As you apply it on inflamed skin, the perfect concentration of local anesthetics numbs nerve endings of affected skin area and damaged skin cells get their required time for recovery.

Numbing creams with lidocaine as their active ingredient can also be used for hemorrhoids. If you fear going to a hospital and you have yeast infections, FDA approved numbing creams can be used after proper consultation with a doctor. And yes, if you are allergic to topical anesthetics then don’t use them because it can lead to more severe conditions. While applying these creams, it should not get in contact with eyes, mouth, nose and any other active injuries.

Numbing creams are effective balms for painful skin irritations but always remember precautions. Applying correct dosage of these creams is helpful in skin irritations, however using a lot can be dangerous. According to new advisory of FDA, there are some areas in human body that should be kept away from numbing creams.