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Uses of Numbing Cream Go Beyond Tattooing and Piercing

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 May 9th

Uses of Numbing Cream Go Beyond Tattooing and Piercing

Apart from tattooing and piercing, numbing cream can be used for hair removal, piercing, permanent makeup and cosmetic procedures.

Numbing cream is a topical anesthetic that is used to reduce the pain and discomfort in tattooing and piercing. This is because the cream contains lidocaine which blocks the nerve endings so that they can’t pass pain signals to the brain. Apart from tattooing and piercing, the cream is widely used in waxing, minor surgeries and even in itching. Here we have come up with the other uses of a numbing cream you should know:

For Hair Removal or Waxing:

Did you know? Hair removing has same degree of pain like in tattooing. Therefore, using numbing cream for hair removal does make sense. The cream contains lidocaine which reduces the pain by freezing your skin.

Apply a recommended amount of ointment 2 hours before your waxing or hair removal sitting. Most of the expert advice to keep the area wrapped in plastic after rubbing the cream into the skin.

For Piercing:

Body piercing is stylish and is the most common body modification. However, it can’t be denied that most people have a fear of pain while going through it. Here comes numbing cream. It makes the areas numb to keep the pain in control throughout the piercing procedure. Avoid using numbing lotion on your tongue as it is for external use only.

For Permanent Makeup:

Permanent makeup is used to make designs resembling eyebrows and lip line that are faded due to age or health complications. It is also known as permanent tattooing, as it involves skin penetration with the needle. It leads to pain and discomfort.

This is why it makes sense to apply numbing cream to ease pain and discomfort occurring in the process. Apply numbing cream on your skin patch 20-30 minutes before the process. However, be careful while applying it near eye area.

For Cosmetic Procedures:

Cosmetic surgeries are done to improve the physical appearance. Some of the most common cosmetic surgeries are dermal fillers, tummy tuck, facial implants, hair replacements, and laser hair removal. And most of these surgeries are done with the equipment having needle points.

So, you should use a numbing cream to experience less pain. Apply the recommended amount of topical numbing cream and cover it with a loosely woven cloth for 45 minutes before undergoing the cosmetic process. Wipe off the cream with a cloth exactly before the starting of the procedure.

For Derma Rolling:

Dermarolling is the breakthrough therapy to remove wrinkles, fine lines, scars and stretch marks. The process involves needling of the skin with the roller covered with fine needles which is rolled over the skin to create tiny punctures. Although it doesn’t really hurt in that way, you can experience a prickling sensation throughout the session.

Use numbing cream 20 minutes before the session as leaving it for longer can make your nerve overactive. Wipe off it with a damp cloth.

Don’t use it if you’re pregnant, allergic to anesthesia, or having heart or kidney problem.

For Itching Relief:

So far, you have noticed that numbing cream is used for the processes involving needle and blood. But the cream can used to ease itchiness which disturbs your sleep. However, numbing cream should be used as the last healing resort. Make sure the numbing cream doesn’t contain oil or grease. It’s good if it contains Vitamin E to help your skin recover from rashes and bruises caused by intense scratching.

For Minor Surgeries:

If you have a fear of incisions and pain occurring in minor surgeries, you can use numbing cream. However, you must ask your surgeon as he is supposed to give you an anesthetic shot.