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How to Numb Muscle and Joint Pain

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Aug 22nd

How to Numb Muscle and Joint Pain

Sometime, muscle and joint pain can be too severe to be controlled by painkillers and analgesics. In this scenario, numbing cream can quickly suppress your pain to give you much needed relief.

Life is not easy with painful joints and aching muscles. Though pain in muscle and joint is common condition, it may affect your daily life. Even worse, you may have to be bedridden for days. Some common causes of muscle and joint pain are arthritis, fibromyalgia, excessive physical activity lie workout, slippery incidents and injuries.

That’s why you like to have quick pain relief remedy in such conditions. The severity of your pain determines which medication you need. For example, you need topical analgesic gel for strains and minor muscle pain while severe pain like in arthritis requires you to see your doctor.

How to Manage Muscles and Joint Pain?

From topical analgesic gel to heat and cold compress, there are many ways to deal with pain and discomfort occurring in muscle and joint pain. Some of them are

Heat and Cold Compresses:

Heat and cold compresses are a traditional way to get relief from body pain. Heat boosts the blood flow which in turn relaxes sore muscles and joints, thereby soothing pain. Cold treatment, on the other hand, minimizes inflammation and dulls the area surrounding muscle or joint.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils are considered useful in the management of body pain as they contain analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Some oils like peppermint essential oil not only soothe the pain, but also improve blood circulation to the area. Some of the useful essential oils for muscle and joint pain are lavender oil, chamomile oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil and eucalyptus oil.

Oral Medication:

Painkillers are also useful to ease aching muscles and painful joints. Some of the common painkilling drugs for muscle pain and stiffness are prednisone, Medrol, cortisone, tylon, aspirin and cortisone.

Analgesic Creams, Rubs and Sprays:

Topical pain killers like analgesic creams and sprays are popular option for muscle and joint pain. Generally, they work by creating burning or cooling sensation to distract your mind from the pain. The physical action of massaging in the cream helps to warm the skin patch and increase blood flow.


Sometime topical medications and oral medications don’t work. In this scenario, you can be given an anesthetic injection. Such injections are commonly used in patients having arthritis, joint disease or tendinitis.

Physical Therapy:

You can do the workouts to strengthen the muscles around the joint and improve your range of motion. Such workouts are suggested by a physical therapist. Some of the best workout for joints are swimming and bicycling. Losing weight can relive the pressure on your painful joint.

Why Numbing Cream is a Quick Pain Relief Remedy?

Whereas above mentioned pain management ways are effective in muscle and joint pain, they may take time to give relief depending upon their action. Then, taking painkilling pills regularly may harm your health. It is also found that some medication may not work for some people.

In this scenario, unconventional option like topical anesthetic definitely works for you. First and foremost, they provide quick relief from muscle and joint pain than most of the topical painkillers.

The fact is that they desensitize the pain receptors that take pain signals to the brain. In simple words, they dull your skin so that you don’t feel anything happening to your skin. Most numbing creams contain lidocaine or benzocaine which is analgesic in nature to provide relief from the pain.

But Not All Numbing Creams Are The Same

Numbing cream dulls the skin so that you don’t feel pain. But it is equally true that their “skin dulling” efficiency is determined by their strength. Here strength means the percentage of numbing agent used in them. For example, if a cream contains lidocaine in 5%, it means that it can block the pain for several hours. Some creams are so mild that they only create cooling sensation. Therefore, you like to get the one which is strong enough to dull your muscle and joint pain. Here are some tips to choose the right numbing cream for muscle and joint pain.

  • Make sure it has Lidocaine in 5%
  • It should be water based
  • Positive user’s feedback
  • Reasonably priced

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Let’s make your search for right numbing cream for muscle and joint pain easier. Dr.Numb® is our best pick for your all physical pains. It is one of the largest selling numbing creams in the world and recommended by both tattoo artists and dermatologist.

Though the cream is especially designed for tattooing and piercing, it is efficient in muscle and joint pain. It has 5% lidocaine and keeps your skin numb for up to 2 hours.

How to Use Numbing Cream for Muscle and Joint Pain?

  • Wash your skin with soap and warm water
  • Pat dry with clean towel
  • Apply the first thick layer of the cream (as mentioned on the pack) on your skin. Spread it evenly.
  • Then, apply second layer which should be thicker than the first one.
  • Cover your skin with a plastic wrap. It will generate heat to potent the numbing effect.
  • Remove the cover after one hour. Wipe off the excess cream.

Precautions While Using Numbing Cream for Muscle and Joint Pain:

  • Talk to your doctor if you are pregnant, breast feeding or have any medical condition before using numbing cream.
  • Avoid using numbing cream if you are allergic to lidocaine or other numbing agent.
  • Read the instructions given on the pack of your numbing cream.
  • Avoid covering the skin with heating pad or cloth after applying numbing cream. Instead, use a plastic cling.
  • Don’t keep the cream for longer than prescribed time period.
  • Avoid using it on your eyes, inside the nose and mouth

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