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Nose Piercing: Left Side or the Right Side?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jun 8th

Nose Piercing: Left Side or the Right Side?

Getting your nose pierced is something which will affect your facial appearance significantly. Amidst all the things involved during the process, it is worth understating which side to get pierced. Find out here.

Have you decided to get your nose pierced?

Among all the other forms of body modifications, nose piercing is certainly a prime choice of women. Do you know it is the second most loved piercing, after navel at the first? There are various reasons why women prefer getting it done. However, it is worth noticing that this is not new to the world.

A sneak peek into the history

As stated above, nose piercing is one of the old and famous forms of body modifications. While it is mentioned in the Bible, it is said to be first recorded in the Middle East 4000 years ago. In earlier days it was widespread among the ancient nomadic Berber tribes of Africa and the Bedouins of the Middle East. It is also stated that the larger the ring was, the wealthier his wearer was concerned to be. Moreover, these rings were given as the gift at the wedding, where the husband used to give it to his wife as the sign of protection.

The trend continues

Even today there are many tribes in the Middle East and Africa where it is still continued as a part of their tradition which has been followed from ancient times. And then in the modern society, this form of piercing is emerging out to be a style icon. In fact, there are many celebrities having their nose pierced. The list includes popular names like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Rooney Mara, Alyssa Milano, Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone, Nicole Richie, Rumer Willis, Jordin Sparks and many more.

Hence, if you wish to have a body modification done, it can be a good choice. Now the next question to come in front of you- should nose piercing be done on the left side or the right side?

Choosing the perfect side for your nose piercing

Whether you want to get it done for the sake of traditions or you wish to do it for beauty and style, nose piercing is just a simple add-on to the facial beauty. However, learning about the right way and placement will make it more beautiful. Here’s a short and quick guide on which side you should get it done.

Know the scientific aspect: Though you are free to get your nose pierced on the side of your choice, yet it is advised to learn about the scientific aspect in advance. As far as the ancient traditions are known, women mostly preferred getting it on the left side. It was for the reason that is more relevant to Ayurveda. It is said that the left nostril, in one way or another, is connected to the female reproductive system. Hence, getting the left nostril pierced will help ease out the labor pain during child birth.

Consider the logical aspect: As stated earlier, nose piercing is a choice. For most of the people, it is an astonishing way to add more glamour and beauty to one’s face. And it is hard for them to find the logic behind! While there is a major scientific aspect which relates this piercing to the female reproductive system, logical reason to get your nose pierce on the left side is a ‘far to think’ thing.

So, you are really free to get your nose pierced on any side, either right or on the left. The simplest logic you need to worry for is to observe your face and facial shape. Go for the ‘the good side’ of your face.

You can consider the mid-way to left and right: Want to be rare and unique? There’s a solution to go more gorgeous- choose middle nose piercing. You might have not seen many people getting their nose’s midway. So, why not try septum piercing. It can be another good idea to get the nose pierced. Plus, you will be able to end the confusion between choosing the sides of the nostril. In fact, the idea seems to be more convenient, unique and most importantly, ethnic.

Remember, it’s painful!

There is no denying to the fact that piercings are painful. And nose piercing is not an exception. But this doesn’t mean you cannot get it done without pain. All you need to do is buy a numbing cream like Dr.Numb® before you head off to a piercing parlor. This cream comes with 5% lidocaine and is FDA approved. You can apply it directly to the area to be treated and get painless piercing done. It works by blocking the pain signals at the nerve endings. Hence, you won’t feel any pain during the process.

So, now you are all set to flaunt a classy, pierced nose. Go ahead and try it.