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Nose Piercing and Jewellery Type: Choose the one which suits you well!

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Aug 2nd

Nose Piercing and Jewellery Type: Choose the one which suits you well!

When it comes to piercings, nose piercing is one of the most ancient forms. However, with the passage of time, it has evolved immensely. Find out some exclusive ways to pierce your nose and get that voguish appearance.

Undoubtedly, nose piercings are one of the most popular forms of piercing throughout the world. These are as old as humankind. In different corners of world, there are different reasons for which people adore it. In many cultures, it is essential for people to pierce their noses. It can be for warrior status, religious references, coming of age rites, or child-bearing help.

But it is not just one particular style. In fact, there are many different styles to pierce your nose. And with so many ways to pierce, there come into existence varying jewelry styles.

So, here are some helpful ideas to pick the right nose jewelry for your piercing. Checkout more details;

Jewelry for nostril piercing

Being the most traditional and common nose piercing, this type deserves the widest range of jewelry. As it is situated just above the crease of nostril curves, which make it an easily accessible location, you can go with the insertion of studs, nose rings, circular barbells, nostril screws, L-shaped pins, or captive ball rings. Basically, the gauge of your jewelry will vary as per on your end goal.

Jewelry for high nostril piercing

When you need it with high nostril, you will need a bit more unique jewelry with more striking effect. Choices are somewhat limited but you can still pick any among the studs, nostril screws, and L-shaped pins. Don’t go for rings and hoops as they are tricky to reach, and can affect the nose piercing.

Jewelry for septum piercing

It is one of the most versatile piercings and so is the range of jewelry. If you need it for your septum, you can adorn your septum piercing with captive bead rings, circular barbells, and yes, you cannot go for gauges too.

Jewelry for bridge piercing

Bridge piercings are more susceptible to migration. Hence, you will need jewelry which doesn’t let the hole to close and gives you a fashionable look, right? Simply, you can go for curved barbells and circular barbells. Avoid straight barbells as these can actually increase the chances of migration.

Jewelry for vertical tip piercing

This type of piercing is best for those who want a more unique piercing done. Due to the structure of your nose and the style of piercing, the options are very few. You can still choose a curved barbell to beautify your piercing job.

Jewelry for septril piercing

This one is certainly a time-intensive practice, and yes, it is highly painful. As far as jewelry is concerned, sporting a septril with curved barbell or flat back stud will be an ideal option. Else, you can use an eyelet, plug or tunnel for the stretched septum.

So, now when you have a wide range of jewelry options, you can pick the best as per your face shape and skin type. Also, remember that all types of nose piercings are painful. Hence, it is necessary to prepare yourself in advance. If you don’t want to bear the pain, you can simply go for Dr.Numb® cream. Being a topical anesthetic cream it comes with 5% lidocaine. It will make your skin numb by blocking the pain signals from reaching your brain. Thus, you can have a pain-free and beautiful piercing job done now!