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Nipple Piercing: The 5 Must Know Facts for You

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 5th

Nipple Piercing: The 5 Must Know Facts for You

If you are looking for some exclusive form of body art, you cannot afford to miss nipple piercing. Being an increasingly popular form of body piercing, it is both, aesthetically and physically pleasing. Well known to increase the sensitivity of the nipple, there is a little more you must know about this form. Read on the details here.

Celebrities have been coming up with something or the other to make people follow them. In the same queue us the bad girl of pop, Rihanna, who has been sporting her nipple piercing since 2015. Well, she’s not all alone. There are many in the list like Janet Jackson, Kylie Jenner, Christina Aguilera, Dave Navarro, Kendall Jenner, Dennis Rodman, Nicole Richie, Bella Hadid, and so on.

Nipple piercings are not new to the world. These have been making a presence in the world of fashion since the 14 century. And yes, it not only remains here, but now turns out to be an exquisite pleasure for the fashion savvy people around the world.

Now, in case you’re tempted towards this, it’s worth pointing out that there is a lot you need to learn beforehand. Explore some must-know facts here;

Your shopping selection changes automatically!

Actually, when you get a nipple piercing done, your entire wardrobe revolves around your piercing. Why? The reason is quite simple; you got it done to flaunt it right? So, you need to add attires which help you doing so. Thus, you start shopping according to it, ending with snagged shirts and a sore chest.

It hurts, but very little!

This might surprise you. But it is true that it hurt only a little to have your nipples pierced. Just a quick pinch and it's all done. However, the only pain you are left with after the process is done and might be the embarrassment thinking about how nervous you were in the piercing shop!

Once you have it, you have an all new way to put on (or off) clothes!

Yes, things change once you get pierced. Think about how you will put on your shirt in the morning. You need to be bit careful. Avoid rushing moments, i.e. when you pull the shirt over your head, stretching it roughly. After you get it done, you need to pull your arms through it, then over the head making it down across your chest. Also, it will be great to keep the shirt as far away from your nipples initially.

Explain your partner the dos and don’ts!

Yes, it is highly important for your partner knows to learn the dos and the very much don'ts when touching your piercings. Don’t worry, nipple piercings are always fun. Just be careful with the new hook you try. They up come with a set of guidelines on how and how much they need to be touched. Make sure you both go through it.

Cosmetic selection gets narrowed!

You cannot use those fancy scented soaps and body scrubs after getting piercing job done. Yes, these harsh chemicals aren't allowed to touch your boobs any time soon. Even after they're healed, make sure you cleanse your piercings with mild and non-scented body scrubs.

Without a doubt, the pierced nipples are worth considering. Not only it offers amazing look, but also offer the feeling of empowerment. Just make sure you go through the above stated points