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New Anti-Aging Solution: These Are Efficient and Effective Both!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 14th

New Anti-Aging Solution: These Are Efficient and Effective Both!

In spite of ageing being inevitable, people go the extra length searching for ways to delay ageing. Due to this, market today offers endless number of ways to fight the signs of ageing. While some of them effective, other might not be useful. Here are discusses some of those which will keep ageing signs at bay for long extent.

Have you recently noticed few wrinkles?

Or there are some fine lines on your forehead?

Well, these are commonly associated with growing age.

Do you know government researchers found that the moment one believes to reach old age is precisely 59 years, two months and two weeks? ?But these days you don’t need to be of fifty to develop such aging signs. There are cases when these signs start appearing at a very early age. It can be due to unhealthy eating habits, increasing pollution level, or any other reasons, that you confront premature aging.

However, the good thing is that there are numerous effective ways to slow down the aging clock. Yes, even when your age digits keep on adding, there are some solutions which can be used to completely eradicate aging signs. So, no more you need to fight with low self-esteem due to aged skin. From anti aging products to diet and exercises, there is a lot you can do to flex your skin and look young.

Methods to keep looking young and beautiful

As stated there are many ways which can be used to decrease the effects of time. However, it is worth noticing that not all the anti- aging processes are same. Here are listed some of the most trusted and tried ways used to delay, reduce or soften wrinkles and fines lines. Have a look;

Microdermabrasion and dermabrasion

Using deep exfoliating, microdermabrasion and dermabrasion are another preferred anti aging solutions. While the method involves "sanding-off" of the surface layer of the skin, it leaves you with the fresher and newer layer of the skin after the treatment. So, this method is highly effective when you need to get rid of those superficial wrinkles and prevent production of more advanced signs of aging.

Skin tightening

As the name indicated, skin tightening refers to binding of skin cells firmly. It is a kind of anti aging treatment which employs IR or infrared light to promote collagen production in the skin. Well known to be an important ingredient for skin elasticity and tightening, collagen is required for firm skin surface. Plus, it also uses lasers for removing dark spots and uneven tones in the surface.

Laser skin resurfacing

A technique that involves a laser beam to slough off dead skin cells from the surface, laser skin resurfacing, helps revealing the fairer skin underneath. Being an effective treatment for medium to deep wrinkles, this can be used for treatment of scarring and sun damage too.

Dermal fillers

When injected into the area, collagen helps treating the wrinkles which have developed to stretch the skin. It will help get rid of the excess skin folds. Gone are the days when fillers were made out of a highly allergenic substance. Nowadays, the main substance in dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid.

Chemical peels

It is one of the oldest methods available. These peels can be applied like the usual astringents, i.e. once every few days. Basically, it makes use of various acidic chemicals which are applied to your skin to remove dead cells from the surface and reveal a newer layer of skin. Now basically there are two types of peels, the TCA peels and the phenol peels. While TCA peels are used to peel away fine lines and uneven skin tones, it is the phenol peels that works for removing more advanced wrinkles as it goes deeper into the skin layers.

One thing common among these five solutions is that these are painful. Yes, they cause some amount of pain which you can deal easily with help of some topical anesthetic cream. Numbing creams can be used to minimize the pain and fear during these processes. Creams like Dr.Numb® which comes with numbing agent lidocaine when applied to the skin surface causes a numbing sensation for three to four hours. Hence, you will not feel any pain during and after the process for the said time. Isn’t that amazing!

Is there any solution to prevent premature aging?

Above you have read about solutions to treat aging skin. But do you there are some supplements which can be used to slow down the ageing process? Explore them here;

Aspirin : You might have used this for treating minor headaches so far. However, a few know that it can be helpful in slowing down the ageing process too. Actually, aspirin helps in thinning of blood that means it will be helpful in preventing the blood from clotting from inside. Hence, having this supplement will prevent the chances of colon cancer and also keeps your skin from ageing.

Idebenone : Used by several celebrities, this can be taken daily to keep your skin clean and young. It penetrates deep into the skin, meanwhile repairing the damage caused by ageing. It is a wonderful supplement to give you a younger looking skin. Therefore, it has been used in several anti-ageing creams as well.

Fish Oil: Another effective supplement to works excellently against the ageing signs, fish oil is rich in omega-3. So it helps in reducing the effects of glaucoma and macular degeneration.

GTF Chromium : It is also known as Glucose Tolerance Factor and it is a supplement which is extremely useful for those who want to keep their skin healthy and youthful. Being a complex molecule of the mineral chromium it is naturally found in the body. It makes the functioning of the insulin more effective and hence consuming this supplement will prevent destroying of the tissues and cells.

So, with the supplement and solutions stated above you can easily keep yourself looking best for the rest of your life.

Let us know what you would prefer for youthful skin through your comments!