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Needle or Gun Piercing :Which is Right?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Sep 27th

Needle or Gun Piercing :Which is Right?

Needle is a traditional way of piercing the skin while gun piercing is a sophisticated way to get the job done. Which one is right? Let’s know.

Needle and piercing gun are two popular way to pierce the skin. Whereas needles are almost used in all body piercings, the gun is only recommended for the ear lobe. However, many customers prefer a gun over the needle. So, which one is right for you?

This quick comparison will help you know the right method of piercing for you.

Piercing Gun is Right for a Small Child:

Getting your child’s piercing done is a tough job for parents and artist as well. A child can throw tantrum or move out of pain or fear, making the job difficult for a piercing artist working with a needle.

In this scenario, an artist can make this easier using a piercing gun. It is easy to hold and safer to use. Besides, it won’t terrify a kid as it is not like a sharp pointed needle.

Needle is good for All Types of Piercing:

If the body piercing is other than ear lobe, then a needle is the right option.

Getting Pierced with a Gun:

Piercing gun is generally used by inexperienced piercer. It is equipped with disposable cartilage that should be removed after each piercing.

Getting Pierced with a Needle:

Needle is a traditional tool for body piercing. Even though it has terrifying sharpness, it is totally safe and free from the risk like tearing tissues, if used in a right way. Piercing needles are hollow and have a sharp point to make an accurate hole. The hollowness of the needle takes out point sized tissue of the skin to make space for the jewelry. The wound made by needle piercing is likely to be drained and healed fast.


It is clear that needle piercing has got an edge over gun piercing expect when it comes to piercing kids’ ear lobe. Besides, gun piercing is great for cheap and immediate piercing.

Whatever piercing method you opt for, pain is always there. So, it makes sense to use topical anesthetic or numbing cream like Dr.Numb®. Dr.Numb® reduces dulls your pain receptors to give you a painless piercing experience.

So, this is the basic comparison between needle piercing and gun piercing. What do you think? Have we skipped any point? Let us know by commenting below!