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What All You Need To Know About Tongue Piercings?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jul 8th

What All You Need To Know About Tongue Piercings?

Thinking about getting a tongue piercing done?

Certainly, the tongue remains a popular site for piercing. It is more common in the Western world. Being a contemporary style of piercing, it is loved by the rockers and college students. In case, you are looking forward to getting something similar, you should take apt time to decide on what to have, how to care for it, and several other considerations. Here are a few important things which will help you take a wise decision when to get a tongue piercing done or not. Start reading!

What can be the best placement for tongue piercing?

Definitely, placement of your tongue piercing will make a huge difference. Hence, before you think of getting it done, don’t forget to consult your piercer for the best location possible. Usually, you will find that people prefer to go for piercing their tongues right in the center of the tongue. In such as case, a barbell is the best thing to put into the hold. Therefore, it is said to be the most popular type of tongue jewelry today.

As now you are considering the placement of your tongue piercing, you must check for its relation to your teeth. Obviously, you don't want the piercing to constantly hit your teeth. In fact, if this happens, it can actually hip the enamel on your teeth. Moreover, a wrong placement of the jewelry, for instance, if it is too far forward on the tongue, it might become difficult for you when you talk. Thus, it is essential to ensure that the tongue ring you get is carefully placed so that you don't have to deal with any problems later.

What are the different types of tongue piercing?

Nowadays, people really seem to love jamming a needle into one of their most sensitive muscles. Having a large steel object embedded into the skin permanently is in trend. As far as tongue piercings are concerned, there are many types which you can give a try.

Midline Piercing

It is the most common and traditional form of tongue piercing. You can easily understand it from the name. Being placed in the middle part, this one is somewhere 1.9 cm away from the tip of the tongue. Now some piercers might use other forms of piercings, however, majorly they use a straight barbell with a midline piercing.

Frenulum linguae style piercings

If you desire a more unique and hidden form of tongue piercing, them frenulum linguae piercing is one for you. Reason being, it is perforated beneath the tongue. This means it will be visible only when the tongue is lifted all the way up, against the hard palate. So, there is not really a place for straight barbells. In this case, the most common forms of piercing jewelry for this area would be curved or circular barbells.

Tongue web style piercings

In this case, there will be two perforations made on both sides of the tongue. Generally, it is done directly across from each other. Therefore, the other names for this piercing come out to be double tongue piercing or venom piercing. More common people use straight barbells to make this sort of piercing.

Tongue tip piercing

Also referred to as snake eyes piercing, this piercing is a type of horizontal piercing placed on the tip of the tongue, instead of the middle. You can use a unique, long barbell which will be inserted into the tongue tip. Sometimes, this is also known as the surface piercing.

In short, tongue piercings have few but most impressive varieties. The way these are designed and placed will make a big difference. You can go from the bottom to the top, to side-to-side of your tongue, the way you want. Different tongue piercers have found different ways to work their art on your tongue. So, don’t forget to consult your piercer beforehand about what you expect from them.

How to take care of your piercing?

After you get a tongue piercing done, it is your responsibility solely to make sure that you take care of your piercing. Basically, this will include keeping your mouth healthy and clean. You have to be very careful for about 4-6 weeks and have to take special care with the piercing. From how to clean the piercing each day to using best products to keep it clean, every step is going to be important. You can consult your piercer for the same and follow his instructions strictly.

Can I eat without any problem after a tongue piercing?

When you have a tongue piercing, be ready to have it mess up your eating schedule for a few weeks. But this is going to be a problem in the first week only. Things become simpler in later weeks. You might have to deal with quite a bit of swelling, and at first, it can be really hurtful to eat. If it was about some other piercing, say nose or ear piercing, you could apply any topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb®. In this case, you what you can do to get rid of the swelling and ease the pain is to suck on an ice cube. This will relieve you from pain and discomfort.

In all, tongue piercings serve to be a good choice for those who crave for a unique body art. Whether you choose barbells or tongue rings, there is a myriad of different ways to beautify your piercing. Choose your jewelry carefully and make sure to take a good care of your piercing. All the best!