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You Need To Know Why Men Are Getting Botox Now More Than Ever!

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jan 22nd

You Need To Know Why Men Are Getting Botox Now More Than Ever!

Why only women, but also men too feel pressured to look young. To feel and have a more youthful appearance they go for different methods. Botox is surely one of them, and it is getting more popular with the passage of time. Explore the reasons behind their rising interest in this treatment.

There is no denying to the fact that Botox is one of the most popular methods for skin rejuvenation. As per the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there has been observed an increase in the number of total procedures by 9.9 % for both men and women. To add here, now the number of men undergoing this treatment is increasing more than ever before!

Do you know more than 453,281 men got Botox injections last year? In fact, plastic surgeons are now used to see men in their practices. If this has left you to surprise and you want to explore some reasons why men are choosing this treatment, you have landed right.

Here you will get to know some of the major reason why men who are getting Botox done. Start reading;

Appearance matters a lot!

Usually, the men who get Botox are in the age group of 35 to 65 years. And the other fact you need to know here is that most of them are white-collar professionals. This means either they are in the business, law, fashion or from the art world with higher incomes. Plus, they prefer getting toxins injected into their brows and around their eyes primarily. This process has to be carried out around three to four times a year, and they are highly comfortable in going through it.

As per the experts, it is really hard to define the demographic and volume. The fact is that, it is far away from racial, sexual, and even social demographic limits. Regardless of the region, men from all corners are consulting plastic surgeon and clinical professionals for this solution. Whether it is about Asian men or the African-American men, everyone seems to go gaga over Botox.

Better looks better work performance

A major reason behind the rising interest of men in Botox is the ever rising competition in the workplace. And this act as a source of motivation for men who get these injections! In case of women, the most common reason is that they wish to appear younger. However, in case of men they simply opt for this procedure because they want to maintain the competitiveness. To stand out in an increasingly ageist workplace, to stay ahead of times, they choose Botox. Somewhere there is a fear of a competition with a younger man. So, the idea is clear- younger and better you look better will be the chances you have to stay in the market and compete.

Plastic surgeons are focusing more on men

Yes, even professionals are now happier to have men at their clinics to get Botox injections. Earlier most plastic surgery websites targeted women merely. However, with the changing trends, even experts are now focusing on males. Earlier when you used to visit a website dedicated to Botox, you would only see pictures depicting the procedure and results for women. But now it is common to find dedicated tab on these websites for men. Moreover, you will find galleries showing pictures of men. In the same queue, as per a recent Elle magazine piece, men are now turning to “Brotox caves” to get such procedures done. Basically, these are special spaces with cater services specifically to men. Being decorated with faux snakeskin and giant TVs, these also include artwork chosen for a male audience.

Because impressing their partners is a must

Of course, presence of their partner in life plays a major role in encouraging men for these kinds of procedures. Often men are found stating that it is not about their choice, but the spouse’s desire, which make them take such a step. Along this social media and online dating sites have also made a major influence. Now more and more men want to look good, all in order to impress their partners!

No more pain involved

If you are thinking how Botox can be painless, need to hold on. It is not that these injections will not be painful. However, with the evolution of topical anesthetic creams like Dr. Numb it is possible to control over the discomfort caused.

Yes, it is now feasible to eradicate pain from the process. Actually, it comes with 5% lidocaine which is a numbing agent. Hence, when you apply it to your skin, this causes a numbing sensation which lasts for somewhere around 3 to 4 hours. Thus, you can have a session in comfort.

Simple, men love it

Last, but not the least- men are becoming more open to these kinds of procedures. Surely, more and more men are becoming conscious about their appearances. For this they have started understanding the need of such treatments. Though it is vital to take good care of your skin, utilizing injectables like Botox help them cut down on these efforts. Meanwhile, offering them with a healthier and more vibrant look.

Nowadays, it’s no longer taboo for a guy. You can easily find them sitting at a table with their guy friends from high school, discussing about Botox and its results. It is becoming more accepted.

So, if you wish to keep up with a youthful skin, there is no harm consulting your physician for a Botox session. It works equally ‘good’ for you!