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Natural Mole Removal Methods- Going painless is possible !

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 14th

Natural Mole Removal Methods- Going painless is possible !

A group of clustered skin cells which develops across your face or body is something you fear for, isn’t it? These moles can occur anywhere; while some of them are there at birth time, others may grow over time. Though, they are common and harmless but when they are on face, you need to remove them for sure. Don’t want to go under knife? Here are some solutions.

It is possible to treat moles at home. Yes you read it right! There are several home remedies for mole removal which can be used as per your convenience. Through the repeated application of these remedies, your moles will start disappearing. Without wasting any time, let jump on to the solutions first;

Castor oil and Baking soda:

It is one of the promising recipes to take off that mole from your skin. Baking soda and castor oil, together creates a slow, but significantly effective remedy for moles. While castor oil has the ability to disperse pathological growth, baking soda helps reducing the scars in the aftermath.

What to do?

You will need a teaspoon of baking soda. To this now add three or four drops of castor oil and mix it well to form a gummy texture. At the bed time, apply it on your moles. Now protect the area with help of adhesive bandages or gauze. In the morning take it off and clean the area with a cotton ball. Follow it for a month and you will see magical results.


Just a tincture of iodine, and you can get rid of those moles and skin tags, it sounds simple, isn’t it! And yes, it is true. Iodine triggers the natural cell death, which help eliminating the clusters.

What to do?

Buy iodine from a drug store. Before you apply, clean the affected area carefully and then apply a drop of 5% iodine solution. In case, you have those flat moles, scratch it slightly before applying the iodine. Later cover it using gauze or a bandage. You can leave it on overnight and wash in morning. You can do it once or twice a week, unless you get it removed.

The best thing about using iodine is that it will remove moles without scarring. However, in few cases, skin can suffer from staining. So, you can use a little lotion or petroleum jelly to protect the surrounding skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is the acid content which helps scab the mole and makes it fall off.

What to do?

You already have it at home. With help of a cotton ball, apply it on the affected area. Now using a bandage or medical tape, allow it to stay overnight. Doing this for nearly 10 days will prove to be helpful.

Dandelion Roots:

This remedy is little old and effective. Though there are no reasons why it works on moles and warts, yes it is the milky sticky resin of roots which is said to help remove moles.

What to do?

You will easily get dandelion roots, was them and cut the end of these root with help of a sharp knife or scissors. Now exert some pressure at the cut end of the root, squeezing it till try to extract milky sap out of it. You have to touch this end with sap on your mole and rub over to transfer the sap to your mole. It can be repeated 2-3 times a day. It works!


Slightly different from the treatments stated above, this one is quite simple. Just slice a piece of garlic clove and rub it on the mole. You can then hold the clove on mole position with help of medical tapes. Allow it to leave overnight. Using it daily before going to bed will help you get rid of the mole in a few weeks.

In the end, mole removal home remedies are ideal for the normal moles, i.e. the small round areas of high pigment concentration. It is not recommended for those suspicious moles, which contains a mix of colors like red, tans, browns, and pinks, or has uneven borders. Such types of mole should be looked at by a dermatologist or your medical doctor.